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Screenshot of Portal 2

Portal 2 review

I’ve been looking forward to Portal 2 ever since it became a surprise hit as part of The Orange Box Half-Life compilation. Since then I’ve read the hype and even interviewed Chet Faliszek from Valve who co-wrote the game. Finally I get my hands on it and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Still playing as Chell, you are woken up by a little robot called Wheatley who accidentally wakes up GLaDOS and the testing begins all over again. The first thing you’ll notice is Stephen Merchant’s voiceover. It’s laugh out loud funny and this theme continues with all the...

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Portal 2 release date and gameplay highlights

It can’t go without saying that even after three years; Portal remains one of my favourite games of all time. It is certainly a strange to look back at how the free bonus game included in The Orange Box went on to become Game of the Year. Portal Two for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC was officially shown off at this year’s E3 but more and more exciting information has dripped out since then. Valve has wisely decided that making Portal 2 a fully fledged game rather than an expansion pack is the way to go. This time around...

Portal 2 screenshot

Portal 2 screenshots

The first proper screenshots of Portal 2 have been released. The new screens show a decaying world set years after the first game and once again the female Chell with her Portal Gun will have to solve loads of puzzles designed by the singing robot GlaDOS. Buy Portal 2 now New: Buy Portal 2 from Amazon.com Related: Portal 2 announced, Rubiks Puzzle World review

Portal 2

Portal 2

If you enjoyed playing Valve’s funny puzzle game Portal there may be a Portal sequel on its way. An ad went out looking for a voice-over to play a guy called Cave Johnson, some-one who set up the lab in the first place – so we may be looking at a Portal prequel. As soon as I know more – so will you.