STALKER Call of Pripyat release date

Back in May 2008 we wrote a review of the original STALKER game and rewarded the RPG a good 8/10, later got our hands on the first standalone expansion pack in our video review of  STALKER Clear Sky giving it a disappointing 6/10. Now there is news about the proper sequel to PC shooter STALKER – Call of Pripyat will feature the town of Pripyat as well as The Zone around Chernobyl. Expect all the weirdness of the first game with some much better graphics this time around.

Update (14 Jan 2010)

Originally we reported that the STALKER Call of Pripyat release date was announced for Autumn 2009. Since then it has been pushed back to a concrete release date of the 2nd of February 2010 in the US with Amazon accepting pre-orders – so you can preorder S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat for $39.99, also available from the 5th of February in the UK for £29.99.

If you like post apocalypse RPG games and can’t wait until the release of Call of Pripyat then we recommend Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for the PC which includes both the game itself and all the expansion packs for one neat price.

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STALKER Call of Pripyat pics

STALKER Call of Pripyat

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30 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Look foward to it!
    Hope it wont be as buggy as CS.

  2. Phy Oudom says:

    I can’t wait, I just can’t wait, It’s the Best FPS Game, Last Months I been Played Stalker clear sky 20 time.

  3. MWW says:

    Waiting on 3th part of the perfect game series. Can’t wait!

  4. THAT ONe says:

    Will be the FIRST in line to get it!!! Now if they could only get us some more American servers for the online portion of the game!!!

  5. Phy Oudom says:

    Did you know when Stalker CALL OF PRIYAT Release ? Thanks

  6. ago says:

    wow at last i can’t wait lookin everwhere for the first copy don’t care were just want it woo hoo

  7. Phy Oudom says:

    Oh no i think i lost my patient, it’s too long….mhhh But it really Great Games Russian ever.

  8. Joann says:

    It’s note quite russian you know — it’s ukranian )

  9. Garry says:

    …it is Ukrainian, not Russian…

    It is set in Chernobyl, which is in the Ukraine, not Russia.

    The government forces are Ukrainian soldiers.

    Would love it if they added the Stechkin machine pistol in standard and suppressed versions. A 9mm pistol using 9 x 18mm ammo which is the most common early on with a 20 round mag and able to fire full auto would be fun.

  10. thepruner says:

    I agree, one of the best FPS games ever, even with those bugs!

    Guys support the game developers for their hard work and buy the game authentic when it gets released.

    Piracy kills the game industry!!! With no money the game developers won’t make any new or quality games…

  11. Shroomy says:


  12. Trent says:

    OMG…I can’t wait! I’ve played both of the others to death, with just about every mod I can get my hands on. I was hoping they’d be releasing a 3rd, and here it is!

  13. Stelk says:

    Stalker is the best game I ever played. and about date Stalker Is RELASED!

  14. Phy Oudom says:

    RELEASED ! ! ! I’ll buy a full price, I’m so happy to spend my $ for this game and hard worker should move on.
    I LOVE S.T.A.L.K.E.R I LOVE —–Ukrainian—–, I am from Cambodia.

  15. Phill says:

    I hope it is not as buggy as Clear sky was/is
    and when it final get here in the USA i look forward to playing it. it was sapose to be here in october but now it pushed back to 1st part of 2010.
    im not holding my breath.

  16. gemer says:

    hi Phy Oudom,

    Just a little note to remember you that tstalker has nothing to do with Russian. it is 100% Ukrainian

  17. UK_John says:

    This games series is saving me a lot of money! I got 80 hours plus from the first STALKER, have currently got around 60 into the second one and in the meantime have not had to buy the 12 hour Dead Space or 12 hour Mirror’s Edge or the cartoon Borderlands, saving over $100!!!!

  18. Phy Oudom says:

    Thanks you Host… for hosting forum. i got Stalker CALL OF PRIPYAT now. Glade to move on in this site about GAMEs.

    OH ! Whom playing this game, Please try to GET some SLEEP. kk? coz i got overload every nights….

  19. Johnpeter says:

    “Release date(s) October 2, 2009(CIS)

    Q1 2010(Rest of Europe, USA][3]”

    Dang, I can’t wait another… wait, that’s not too far off, is it?

  20. dnotob says:

    This is the best fps i agree. And thanks to all of your support this is why it is what it is.

  21. Phy Oudom says:

    Best FPS game Great atmosphere Great game Rules.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series 5/5 Rated

  22. ago says:

    yeah i’m back it’s been awhile since August 28th..Then i was told it was to be released in october! now it’s feburary2nd i hope that this time it’s correct cause i’m getting frustrated with all the bull on the net i have found three sites claiming to have it already!!!!
    i put in my pre order at eb yestday so i hope theres no more delays i wanna kick some ruski ass in chenobyl. lol
    Hey i think the developers of stalker don’t get english cause i have writen to them heaps of time with no replies
    take care guy’s an keep gamin

  23. Yocoga93CRO says:

    yeah call of pripyat is cool, but some bugs arent fixed, story is great, but there are only 3 areas, and in clear sky are more areas, on call of pripyat is easier to make money, I have 80 000 rubels. weapons are the same, there is only few new weapons and they are very realistic, of course, on call of pripyat you can be hungry, so you must eat and sleep. in fact, call of pripyat is very similar with clear sky, and that is great, love this game, it is really cool

  24. fpsgamer says:

    it is one of the best fps games but, i believe that avp3 is by far the best game ever :)

  25. Galahad says:

    Couldn’t resist waiting for the english release so i have been playing this since October as i bought the first two STALKERs and absolutely loved them. Call of Pripyat, i can assure you is A+ grade FPS/RPG gaming at its peak. I play alot of games but very few do i replay. All three of the STALKER titles however i have replayed as their is no other game in existence which is as immersive and realistic as this. The atmosphere of Call of Pripyat is breathtaking and if you dont think so then upgrade your PC graphics and audio.

    Like Yocoga said, Clear Sky has more areas however the three areas in Call of Pripyat are huge. Once you are playing this game, the only thing you will be thinking about other than survival is “_(insert expletive)_ this game is awesome!”.

    This is my favorite game of all time and will replay it again when i buy the english version.

  26. Srdjan says:

    It’s not buggy, I’ve played russian/ukrainian version, never did CTD or made any problems whatsoever. And yeah, it should be bigger… :(

  27. Dryani says:

    Clear Sky was AWESOME. I played Shadow of Chernobyl through twice and Clear Sky was a worthy standalone expansion. If I could erase my brain and buy it again I would lol. Looking foward to call of Pripyat like a kid without kidneys looks foward to getting kidneys lol. Just wanted to clear the air about Clear Sky – it deserves at least an 8. A 6? Give me a break. Play Clear Sky and then play a regular modern FPS like Rogue Warrior or something and rethink that.

  28. THAT ONe says:

    I agree. Stalker has a field of view that far surpasses all other FPS games. When I play other games like Call of Duty MW2 after playing Stalker, I fell like I am wearing horse blinders. Can’t see Sh@t!!! Clear Sky is well worth the $10 that Gamestop is selling it for these days. I wish there were some more American servers for the online portion of the game. I still play but I have gotten used to seeing 125 to 200 ping rates. I have personally logged over 1000 hours on Clear Sky by itself. I would start my own server but I always get an error reading may have to open port 5447. Anyone know what that means? Or how to do this? BUY ALL THE STALKER GAMES!!!!!

  29. Phy Oudom says:

    Hi All,

    Whatever you’re played… Stalker is Absolutely the best of FPS Game(s) ever.

    Note* Stalker is not for kid(s) (not many kids could plays).

  30. Bo says:

    I want the STALKER series on xbox 360 NOW!!