Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack review

Call of Duty 4 multiplayer has fast become the most popular Xbox Live multiplayer game by far – even beating Halo 3 to the number-one spot. Now the Call of Duty 4 new maps available on Marketplace with four new maps each giving a very different experience to the maps that shipped with the game. Those new Call Of Duty 4 maps are Broadcast; basically a multiplayer map spawned from the TV station in the single player game, Creek; a wide-open village with many hills where taking cover and sniping seem to be your best bet, Chinatown; a vibrant level full of neon lights and detail, and Killhouse; a training warehouse perfect for small groups. So, are they any good? The answer, you’ll be glad to hear is yes.

The best of the bunch are Creek and Broadcast. Broadcast even has an outside bit and is very fast-paced. Creek has, guess what? A creek running through it and is a lot larger than most of the other maps. Long-range weapons are a must and the surroundings make you want to stop and look – just don’t – or you’ll get a bullet in the head for admiring the scenery. Chinatown may look gorgeous but it feels like a mix of other maps already playable and there are far too many steps and levels. My Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer tips are not to go towards a red dot because you think an enemy is there and usually they’re above or below you – annoying! Finally, the Killhouse is probably a little too small for large groups but is just the right size if you fancy a little one-on-one with one of your mates for 10 minutes.

So, in all these maps to provide something different but as they say, you can’t please all the people all of the time. Players will always have their favourite maps and you may see people voting to skip some of these brand new maps when you’re waiting in the lobbies. The new Call Of Duty 4 maps get 7 out of 10.

Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack review

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