Fallout 3 Point Lookout review

Fallout 3’s latest downloadable adventure once again takes you away from Washington DC and this time you charter a small boat to the land of Point Lookout, an eerie swamp-infested land, as you primarily look for a desperate mother’s daughter and of course find lots of other things to do in the meantime.

And it sort of feels like a nice holiday this time around, if you like your holiday filled with in-bred hicks from The Hills Have Eyes, weird swamp creatures and Tribal people.

The game has you defending a mansion and then infiltrating the Tribal base to help out a ghoul, investigating a Chinese spy’s movements around the town before you got there and lots of other side missions including making moonshine for a few extra caps and getting the lighthouse back online.

The emphasis in this expansion is very much in exploration and you’ll be rewarded with extra things to see and dow as you explore. There’ are also a couple of new high-powered rifles and a double-barrelled shotgun to get your hands on.

One word of warning, make sure you take a lot of weapons and Stimpaks with you because everyone in this game is hard as nails. Although the in-breds have no armour, they seem to take a lot of damage before they finally fall over. The same goes for the Mirelurks and other swamp creatures all waiting to kill you.

Point Lookout is probably one the best of the bunch when it comes to DLC for Fallout 3 so it gets and excellent 8 out of 10.

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