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Old World Blues is the third expansion pack for Fallout New Vegas which, at least I felt, feels like an expansion pack for Fallout 3 in itself. The last two add-on adventures were okay but could have done with a bit more va-va-voom. Luckily, Old World Blues is the best expansion for the game yet with some great characters, funny dialogue and a few new weapons, outfits and perks that you can of course take back with you into the main game once you’ve completed it.

After stumbling across a fallen satellite at a drive-in you wake up to find you’ve been operated on by some scientists that now live inside computers. The good news is that they’ve upgraded your brain, heart and spine to give you some extra useful perks and a few new weapons to take with you as you go on a few new quests on their behalf.
You’ll meet some new monsters including scorpions with lasers on their tails and shambling brainless humans called Lobotomites.

What this expansion really delivers is a very tongue-in-cheek chapter in the New Vegas canon that feels like a 70s B-Movie. Even though you’re walking around a post-apocalyptic environment it’s anything but depressing as you meet some larger than life characters including talking toasters and jukeboxes and visit some quirky locations. You’ll even get to learn a little bit more about why some of the creatures are mutated in the first place.

Coming in at around 8 hours with some well-balanced gameplay this is definitely worth a download, just make sure you’re around level 15 when you start it though as there’s no going back once you decide to take the plunge. Old World Blues gets a very good 7 out of 10.

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