Fallout 3 Broken Steel expansion pack

Good news for Fallout 3 gamers who got to level 20 too easily. The new Fallout 3 Broken Steel expansion now and raises the level cap to 30 and remove the game’s story ending so you can continue to explore the wasteland (have you found the Oasis yet?). Read and watch our Fallout 3 Broken Steel review to see if we thought it made the grade.

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53 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    so when is the release date

  2. miles j schaibley says:

    question: how would the expansion pack work if in the story mode you chose to go in an not sara lyons do it? do you have to start over?

  3. Ben White says:

    to miles j schaibley question of question: how would the expansion pack work if in the story mode you chose to go in an not sara lyons do it? do you have to start over?

    I beleive that the story change will make it so that the reactor doesnt blow meaning there will be an alternative ending and you and Sara live.

  4. Calum says:

    Thats a problem because my save file i’ve already started last mission entered project purity(not the rotunda where u r locked in though) and then i left again will it still work for me?

  5. Mr. miagi says:

    the oasis is at the total center north of the wasted lands

  6. Nuopd says:

    I will get it when released :D

  7. mikcheal says:

    it might work out that you only get knocked out the die thats how i would do it thats one of the onlys i think it would really work to the best

  8. Tanisha says:

    I have gone back and ended it all 3 ways. If you let Sara go in, after she enters the code she falls to the ground and the whole screen goes white and then it starts in about “the lone wanderer from Vault 101”. Then basically makes you look like a bad person for letting a “real hero go in and sacrifice herself because you were too much of a coward to do it”. So either way the game ends there. I still have places to visit and quests to do so I just went back to the save point right before going into Jefferson Memorial and then left the scene and went on to do other things.

  9. Porter says:

    I’m just happy about the level cap risen to 30..that and the ending were the major turnoffs to me (Though I still play it all the time). So now that you can play past the ending and keep getting xp, this will most likely be the best of the three to me.

  10. john says:

    miles j schaibley –

    If you save the game right before that part (or any part) you have the option to A} go through the part, then re-load, then go through the part in an alternate way.

    I did this, and had sara enter. She makes some remark about how you’re not a great hero or something. Then she goes in, dies, and end credtis role. Normally the end-story narrarator says how brave you were when you entered the chamber to risk your life, but instead he says something like you were didn’t go and sent a brave woman to do the job for you…. something a long those lines :)

  11. iain says:

    wouldn’t it be alot easier if you could just let forbes (the super-mutant you help free while obtaining the geck) could go in there and enter it, he can’t die because of alittle radiation

  12. Andrew says:


    Im thinkin that the ending might be the same but maybe you wake up as a ghoul? I find it hard to believe that the character would be able to come away from the whole thing unscathed. And to get your face back, you have to search for pinkerton whos disappeared from rivet, idk it would be interesting. thoughts?

  13. josh says:

    In an artical by 1up the designers said that there is a really good plan to solve the ending and allow the game to go on so you can continue to explore.

  14. matt says:

    they will be chaning the ending of the game for people with the expansion sets so that u can keep playing at the end of the game

  15. Bob says:

    They pull you out in time and you live then there is a new story mode I have no idea what that will be like probly cool

  16. bossman2k8 says:

    there are rumours that the game simply wont end how you will walk into the purity control room pass out and apparantly something along the lines of sarah lyons drags you out and says omg its a miricle.

  17. Alex says:

    You get to continue after any ending.

  18. Brad says:

    Question: Does it cost 800 microsoft point sor is it going to be free???

    plz reply!

  19. Bobby says:

    What im interested in is, what would happen if you contaminated the water? would you survive and then the wastelands water would be very deadly. Because you are a bit radiated after all those quest and stuff.

  20. gabriel says:

    anoyying the 360 and expanstion i hope its a disc because frankly the 360 DLC takes up a lot of memory and how u get pip-boy replica i got the lunch box

  21. Uk Devilstorm says:

    i finished the game but then i went back to the save point before i went to get the G.E.C.K and completed the other quests and DLC packs exept for the pit but im debateing on weather to get that now or wait untill broken steel comes out (if it does) and when do you get the chance to take the goat test couse i cant figure that out

  22. tony says:

    no it sould wor for all the ending options

  23. Secllipse says:

    Is that it? Thats all there adding? Those 3 DLC’s? If so, thats sucks nuts! Oh and in Broken Steel are they adding and/or expanding the main quest line or adding Misc. quests? or are they just adding higher level cap and end-game play???

  24. Jez says:

    HI guys quick question, when the hell is Broken Steel being released? I know it was supposwed to be this month, but i keep finding unofficial dates of the 30th sept now, i can understand a couple weeks delay (as already happened once) but 5 months? Come on if i said my work was ready and then 2 weeks before deadline put it back 5 months my boss would fire me!

  25. Jez says:

    actually scrub that last comment if you check fallout 3 official site and follow the link to gamasutra feature on dlc we have pete hines, fallout 3 project manager declaring broken steel later this month, and it was written on the 14/04/09! Sweet!

  26. Alex.B says:

    I just read on another site that there are promises from Bethesda that there will be more DLC after ‘Broken Steel’ but thats the only one on the agenda right now.

  27. dummbass says:

    by the way fallout 3–broken steel comes out may 3rd,and fallout 3 las vegas comes out next year under a new developer.

  28. noitall says:

    05/05/09 is release date-4 more

  29. the man says:

    well wat i hav heard was that the story line continues and you join up with the brotherhood steel and rid the wasteland of raiders

  30. Psyched says:

    All the DLC is 800 Points (total 2400)

    I got all the available DLC yesterday, Have to start all over again though..
    My 360 DVD-ROM could no longer read most of my games (up to 20 Discs).
    Anyhow, got myself an Elite this time, for that DLC vs. HD capacity problem.

    I died in every possible way in the final chapter, i hated it and went back to my other charm TESIV. (never gets boring).

    I’m only Lv6 right now, but knowing i’ll survive project purity matters besides the wonderfull fact that i’ll be able to work up to LV30.

    ps. for Uk Devilstorm
    One Takes the G.O.A.T at age 16 in Vault 101, don’t fill in the form yourself, just take the G.O.A.T. then object and fill in the form yourself.

  31. dogy says:

    were can we buy broken steel i cant wait

  32. Eddy says:

    When does it come out for ps3 (when in late June)?

  33. Dave says:

    do you need xbox live or can you buy the extension and play it without live ????

  34. Ax says:

    At the ending of the game you have a few pals with you most of which are immune to radiation like hawkes or ifyou buy a robot

  35. matt says:

    I just got the pitt expac the BS and the redneck xpac comes out in aug were can I get bs Download? With out live

  36. jinow says:

    can we download the expansion pack for free on the ps3 ? and how many expansion packs is there?

  37. jinow says:

    if we go inside this irridiated room in the end and the game never ends in the expansion pack will we become heroes and be respected by others or become famous once we continue or still the same thing?

  38. Robert Truax says:

    im just wondering if they’re going to come out with another expansion pack because all my charcters have hit 30 with a Messiah, True Mortal, and Devil i need some more game play, im addicted to this game

  39. patrick says:

    ummmmm if there is any one out there that stumbles back across this could some one tell me if and what expansions will be out for the PS3

  40. Jon says:

    any1 no wen the release date is out???? =0

  41. Joey Batz says:

    Do you need to have X-Box Live for this? I heard recently that they were selling BS and the Pitt on discs in stores, just like any other game. I don’t have X-Box Live. Can I go to the store, buy these discs and just play the games (I imagine that there’s some sort of installation, like when you try to play the old X-Box games. That’s fine, but I want to know if I have to go through all the trouble signing up for X-Box Live, creating profiles and such, etc.)?

  42. ross says:

    13 th october all fallout 3 expansion pack for ps3 will be out >?<

  43. Bill says:

    Hey has everyone gotten back into vault 101

  44. HellxDragon says:

    Ok the broken steal and the lookout point game (on CD) will be released for the Xbox 360 on the 25th of Aug. Prolly the same date for the PS3 but not sure.

    All the DLC content can be downloaded from the Xboxlive store for 800points a peace.

  45. fallout 3 addict says:

    it is out in the shops i found it in a game station (note it is only the pitt and operation anchoridge) it was only £14.99 im level 20 on 6 accounts so i want the broken steel to come out on disc because i dont have live…

  46. josh wroe says:

    Do you need xbox live to get broken steel can you buy the disk at a store e.g. game or gamestation

  47. Adam says:

    I have 2 lvl 20 characters, one good and one evil, I cant wait till the expansions are finally available for the PS3. CURSE YOU PS3 FOR MAKING ME WAIT SO LONG!!!!!!!!

  48. aaron says:

    i’ve got broken steel and it is awesome !!!!

  49. John says:

    At the end of broken steel you pick to destroy enclave or brotherhood. If you buy the disk with the DLCs you get Mother ship Zeta and thats really fun. Keep your eyes out for the rare weapons some if you miss you can never get unless you start over!

  50. John says:

    You can now buy all DLCs with the game for a total of $60. Good deal ha! On broken steel a perk allows you to blow up in nuclear explosions! Fun right. Do the Coastal Grotto quest on peer DLC ok you get an ax!

  51. caleb says:

    i dont know whats going on i try 2 finish the main quest but docter li finishes on the com sara lyons keeps telling me 2 secure the area or she keeps repeating steel be with you any ideas?

  52. brennan says:

    i dont get it i got the expansion disc and wen i install it wont let me play im new to this so

  53. bret says:

    you walk in and the thing blows up then two weeks later you wake up and go do all this stuff kill the enclave