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  • Win a special edition boxed copy of Fallout New Vegas for the Playstation 3! Not only does the pack include the game but also poker chips, playing cards and loads of other cool stuff. You’ll also get an A2-sized lithograph of the New Vegas comic of which there are only 50 in the world! Head to the Gamesweasel competitions page and answer a simple Fallout related question before 22nd November and you could be the proud owner of some very unique artwork.

Fallout New Vegas is available now – we;ve had a chance to play it for a while now so see what we thought of it in our Fallout New Vegas review on Youtube. The game became available across North America on October 19th and Europe a few days later on October 22nd. It’s not a sequel, but uses the themes of Washington’s setting and take it West side with all the humour, action, post apocalyptic of the original. There goes my winter!

New details have come to light about the story behind Fallout New Vegas. Whilst Fallout 3 began with you being born and living out snapshots from being a kid, teenager and eventually an adult escaping the vault, New Vegas begins with you being shot in the head, dropped in a shallow grave and left for dead. You then begin with trying to find who wanted you dead and why they wanted you dead in the first place and of course then get involved in a bigger story embroiled into three warring factions linked to a mysterious package you were carrying at the time of your death. Once again you’ll have loads of freedom when it comes to what you do and how you do it and with an open plot, you’re going to once again be able to make your own adventure with very different outcomes by the end of the game.

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Fallout New Vegas release date

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148 Responses

  1. Falloutanator says:

    Its not a very pasific date. When in 2010

  2. TheKman says:

    Can`t wait for new vegas. Betheseda really blew me away with V.A.T.S in fallout 3. if this one is just as good, I`ma a buyer for sure.

  3. Nathan T H says:

    i think they should add some sort of drivable vehicle to this one a bit like half lif made of som srt of scrap metal or somthing

  4. Soy says:

    Great! Can’t wait till this one comes out. Let’s just hope Ps3 owners won’t get put on the bottom of the list this time when it comes to expansions.

  5. New Guy says:

    No, its definitely not a SPECIFIC date… but surely one I can live with. Even if its exactly the same in every way aside from the new setting I’ll have way too much fun.

  6. Brian mobely says:

    I am a recent ps3 owner. And only have a ps3. I have played MANY gnaws for xbox and ps2. And by far this is the most impressing game I have ever played! They put 4 years of work into this game an it payed off well for the creators and thank god they are now releasing a new fallout. I just hope this one is as good if not better.

  7. PotatoChip says:

    so we have a full year to pray its coming out tommorrow….nice release date guys.

  8. PotatoChip says:

    I found it, i found it…the release date is spose to by 5/5/2010.

  9. Vic_Gon says:

    I really hope that there’s more weapons and that the gameplay is more fast paced. And like someone said earlier, drivable cars would b nice!

  10. Vault 101 says:

    This Should have a release date it already past 2010 Jan 11. I NEED TRAILOR.

  11. n wk says:

    Cool i hope u can drive in this game and that theres more weapons and people

  12. claudia gray says:

    FRIGG YAH!! I LOVE FALLOUT! New Vegas is going to be sick!

  13. darragh says:

    its out in november

  14. madman says:

    i hope u can import your charactor from fallout 3 ive put like 3000 hrs into dat charactor but if u cant ill just start again sigh =(

  15. kenthopman says:

    dude i already pre ordered this game i can’t wait till this comes out,

  16. SpencerGreen says:

    let’s hope they actually make a new game and not just a 3D re-hash of the fallout 1, 2, and tactics… 4 years of work turned fallout 3 into exactly that. I have greater expectations of Obsidian. Do us proud folks…

  17. 3 dogg says:

    Fallout games are mega!!! If this is anything like fallout 3 I will buy it straight away

  18. Maya says:

    When they come out with Fallout 4, wouldn’t it be funny if it came out a few months before 2012? somewhat appropriate..lol.

    I personally don’t believe in all that end of the world stuff but it would still make an interesting release date and kind of Ironic.

  19. Fallout Nerd says:

    Thanks for the specific date I already knew that.

  20. xjudgement says:

    fyi – gamestop has a date for 6/1/10 and taking oders already.

  21. Mcgoo says:

    I won’t be buying a damn thing from this company until I know it actually *works* like it should. Fallout 3 is amazing but SERIOUSLY hampered by massive amounts of bugs. I purchased the GOTY version of Fallout 3 for the PS3 and was pissed to find out that it freezes and lags harder than my 6 year old computer. So, if they don’t end up patching the GOTY version of the game for fallout 3, why bother purchasing the next buggy installment?

  22. brad pitt says:

    yeah i love fallout3 cant w8 for the forth but F3 was extreamly laggy and froze a whole but gotta luv falllout

  23. ayreon says:

    all i have to say is new Fallout…..come on…..come on.

  24. Dom says:

    The release date is 10/1/10 according to ebgames

  25. nuka cola says:

    i cant wait for fallout new vegas if it is even close to as good as fallout 3 i will buy it in a heartbeat fallout 3 was amazing. the only major thing they can do to make it better is to make the story longer i thought it was far to short and that the lvl cap shud be higher then 30.new guns would be perfect as well as drivable vehichles however if u r driving around in a vehicle and are attacked u wud have to get out of the car while getting shot at so that would be a bummer but other then that the idea is kool. a bigger area would be very kool.and alot of expansions i have beaten fallout 3 100% all bobble heads,quests,weapons,expansions,locations all of that 3 times so it is getting a little old so cant wait for july 5,2010!!!!!

  26. Warhawk says:


    pasific? WOWWW

  27. Concerned_Buyer says:

    Will the actual story be longer than Fallout 3?
    Don’t gte me wrong the story has amazing detail throughout, but the entire game was mostly made up of side quests and add-ons.
    I hope they put a little more time in the length of the story. And it would be pretty shweet to be able to upload your Fallout 3 data into this one!

    And driving would be pretty great. The guns for Fallout 3 were good, but not good enough. I found myself spending a great deal of ammo on certain enemies that I shouldn’t have.

    Oh well.. Let’s hope for the best!

  28. wade says:

    Gamestop said june 6th (last day of school 4 me) the trailer said fall i think they delaid it but I will cheak. ps Mcgoo fo3 was awsome and new vegas will be awsome I had no lag but lag doesn’t mean a game is bad. It means it is so good the tecnology can’t keep up, well most of the time.

  29. Fallout 3 platinumed says:

    I wouldnt like any vehicle’s in this game because there is most likely going to be a fast travel feature. I hear that if you change to hardcore mode ammo has weight, you need to drink water incase of dehydration, and stinpacs take time to heal you. sorry for any spelling mistakes :)

  30. falloutfan says:


    I read at a site that the game will be released on autumn 2010, i’m really looking forward to it

  31. chras says:

    haha u goot owned then nub

  32. Padams says:

    Mcgoo no offence but u probally have a dodgy ps3 because i have fallout 3 GOTY and its not laggy at all and i havent noticed any bugs in the few times ive completed it. Cant w8 till new fallout

  33. mrblobby says:

    the say it is going to be out in autumn 2010… can’t wait that long though because fallout 3 is a brilliant game

  34. fallout3player says:

    i heard that it was coming out in the fall of 2010

  35. thomas bonabon says:


  36. mark says:

    the release date was set for june but they changed it to october i work at game stop thats how i know its not a lie its true if you go to game stop ask one of the employes

  37. this game sounds great especially sice enhancments are going to be made to the already well oiled Vat system

  38. mitch says:

    it shall be sweat itll be cool if the vault is in a casino or in the city i think at the end of the teaser it looks like a chinese lord or somting i wonder if bhos is gonna be tere for me i always trust them apart when they ent me to vault 87 on my wn that was quite scary i slippred past all of em with the chinese stealth armor lol. wow this is long if u on ps3 add me DEVILMAN177 i wish you could use the pc geck and use mods on the xbox and ps3 that will be sick. wow hmm im bored ByE ppls adios amigo’s :)

  39. Fallout Playa says:

    Ummmm yea i <3 fallout but if i were u guys i would probably think this through…. I meab wouldnt it be amaIng if ur friends could play online with u as well as playing alone? That should be on this bew installment.

  40. NervyChampion says:

    Co-op free roam and quest would be awesome on this game! :D Maybe offline also?? Like someone said earlier cars etc. would also be nice. But I think co-op is more important… I really hope bethesda focus on this!

  41. ya mum says:

    I heard that the realease date is late september 2010

  42. fallout56 says:

    i cant wait for the new fallout, im buyin when it comes out for sure i was a massive fan of fallout 3 and and cant wait to see what they come up with for fallout 4

  43. john1982 says:

    i agree GOTY very bugged on ps3 and slow needs serious work on it

  44. Reloaded says:

    in this fall if you wachted the teaser than you saw that

  45. luke says:

    i heard fallout new vegas was coming out some time in 2010. i thought it was just a extendion pack for fallout 3 but it turns out its a actual game im looking forward to it i hope its twice as good as fallout 3

  46. maddgod18 says:

    fallout New vegas will not have any buggs in it the only thing they need to finish now is the add ons which will be a week or two after the game has beed released.

  47. maddgod18 says:

    good thing it is coming out 6/1/10 for I have beed wonting to test the game out for some time now how yall injoy it as much as fallout 1, 2 ,and 3..

  48. biggugazzu says:

    fair point McGoo but if you delete your setup file (ps3) then the bugs soon iron out even with GOTY. cant wait for vegas. Best game ever.

  49. fallout mega says:

    it looks really gd ive seen the xbox mag 4 it basicaly fallout but everthings just that bit better and some of the enemys and wepons looling lush

  50. Jamie Jones says:

    fallout 3 was amazing and i will 100% buy new Vegas when it comes out in June and i will get it from some place like Amazon

  51. Evroc says:

    Fallout 3 is fantastic! The only problem is you can only go to level 21 in XP. That kinda sucks, also some sort of driveable ground and air vehicles would be nice. A larger variety of weapons would be good. Bow, crossbows; the DIY makeshift weapons absolutely sucked. Weapon accuracy was irritating, as a former Marine I can tell you that assault rifles of any make are far more accurate in reality than in this game and in F3 firearms break down too rapidly. Also you can take you enemies at way farther distances for real, even the bolt action rifle has lousy reach. For real you can actually take out targets when they look 3″ tall distancewise. I wouldn’t mind doing some super long distance sniper work on Muties and Raiders with more realistic rifles know what I mean jellybean? Nuff said.

  52. joem says:

    hope the free world roaming is as good as fallout 3 or it would be too easy to complete. can’t wait to find out the release date for this game!!!!!!!!

  53. job says:

    when in 2010 in may or july

    pleas react

  54. Magoo says:

    Fallout 3 was totally awesome! I hope this one has a bigger map, more quests and supports team play. Worth every dollar!

  55. quinton says:

    there will be 4 diffrent backround characters to pick from. 1 is you are a chineese spy who is spose to blow up some kind of bridge…later on you see the ombs start falling and you hide in some kind of cave … you lateer realize after the bombs have doped that your face is half ghool like and you have some ghool powers like amunity to radiation and like a radiation force push….. Quinton

  56. ungodly0529 says:

    ive played alot of games and fallout 3 tops the list. I have seen part of Fallout New Vegas and it is wicked awsome. u guys r going to be in for a big suprise.

  57. nick491 says:

    it comes out october 1st i think

  58. kookamunga123 says:

    fallout 3 is the greatest game ive ever been on its frigen amazing. alouth i can not choose between oblivion and f3 because somtimes i feel like a medevil game and somtimes future so i cant decide. my fav thing is the gore and v.a.t.s on f3 .

  59. danindevon says:

    cant wait till fall 2010 its just to far away can you pre order it anywhere?

  60. rockne says:

    if it comes out 5/5/10 thats like 12 days before my b-day this is great i wont have to pay can just ask for it hehehe

  61. nick says:

    V.A.T.S. system was terrible on fallout 3…how come u can’t zoom in with a sniper rifle and use v.a.t.s.? i know alot of u will say im stupid 4 sayin that…also the graphics could definitely have been better!! i liked borderlands better myself–get rid of the v.a.t.s. or make it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. nick says:

    the v.a.t.s. system is just something for people that cant play a first-person shooter very well…might as well just put the game on easy and go through it–that’s pretty much the only reason for it. Go back to the basics…or like i said improve upon it!! i played fallout 3 for alittle while but then got bored of it…parts were either way too easy or way too hard (nothing in between). The Pitt and Operation Anchorage were the only good parts…then u might as well put down the game or sell it!! Too bad cuz i really thought it was gonna be good because everyone raved about it…and then i played it!!

  63. fallout 3 fan says:

    ive pre ordered on ps3 and xbox 360 im a fan of fall out ive gotten all of the fall ot games in the spesail or collectors

  64. Three Dog says:

    @ mcgoo, fallout 3 was not hampered by bugs and lag, granted it had a couple of minor bugs but the only thing that spoilt this wonderful game was the ending(s), but never mind about that because it’s the journey and map thats packed full of interesting things to see and do that make this game awesome and i’m sure new vegas will be just as great but with post apocalyptic slot machines lol, but my point is that you have to expect a few bugs with games of such size so quit complaining and go play something else.

  65. OderusxUrungus says:

    5/5/2010?? 6/1/2010?? I heard October 2010. Which is it?? I hope its 5/5/2010 though lol

  66. Tim says:

    It comes out the third quarter of 2010 so probably octoer

  67. FalloutManiac says:

    man a cnt w8 for this game but ther shud be new weapons and creatures and as sum ppl hav said ther should be a drivable vehicle even it is a a piece of junk

  68. lewis22334 says:

    you now something, mcgoo, the bugs were only in the goty edition of FO3 as it was so frigging big and frigging awesome. so PLAY THE REAL GAME WITHOUT BUGS before you try to FTW with crap comments

  69. Dragon6-9 says:

    i hope they have like a collectors edition or something of that sort. now that i would totally purchase ;p

  70. fallout3 says:

    look all of u out there that complain about the goty lagging and etc. delete ur game saves, ur utility saves (for ps3 dont have an xbox), ur saves increase in amount of mega bites saved (i had 20) and i couldnt do crap without it pausing, pissed me off to, but do what i said delete all every save then do it again, trust me its better than all of the headaches you get from it lagging and frezzing more than ur 6 yr. old computer, and now that u now how to get every thing and what to do it takes half the time

  71. Unknown says:

    Hey guys i just want to say bethladesa has set somewhat of a specific date its comming 2010 “Fall!” so its comming and it won’t be long til it comes and also Ps3 fans i think they will be on the bottom of dlc’s cause “PSN” has a horrible server and system last time i checked they said their working on this and that dlc’s will be a bit faster getting to the gamers

  72. anoamous bad speller says:

    the reason all these ps3 owners are rreporting these bugs is because it was originally made for xbox

  73. extremely exited for new vegas says:

    im the most exited guy in the world for that game i hope it has a dirt bike so u cant get stuck in rocks like a car can lol or something that hovers a foot off the ground but i liked walking to every place for some reason and i want the sneaking system better bc it seemed like i cauldent get away with anything lol and it needs more sivilizaitons bc if u like to travel and u have faut tons of stuff then it releives u to see a sivilization and it will be cool if u have to pay for gas on your dirt bike for more responsibility feeling and they better keep the radio and i want the map 2x as big as fallout 3 and i want midevil stuff too like sords and some bow and arrows that are the same strength as guns well thats my opinions good luck obsidian

  74. extremely exited for new vegas says:

    obsidian doesnt make good games bc they are allways rushed but they make some of the best stories and ideas so with the technoligy that bethsda has then this game is going to be one of the best games in history

  75. erm? says:

    bethesda isnt making this game… obsidian is, originally black iles studio… the company that made the first two games. bethesda is producing , basically throwing money at obsidian to make the game

  76. Kwoo says:

    I loved fallout 3 so much!! It was one of a kind! let hope this new one leave us with the same if not better gaming experience!!

  77. hawk says:

    TO the guy who posted this whole thing your an idiot. Bethesda doesn’t have rights to fallout anymore obsedian is releasing it. And November is In the winter not the fall so why would wot put a winter release date when it clearly says fall In the teaser?

  78. angrygamerdude says:

    OMG!! cannot belive i have to wait till november jesus i cannot wait but it shows that they are not rushing it so hopefully it will have a bigger map and new guns and stuff but for me i hope they stick to the fallout univers as there going back to the east coast where the origonal fallouts took place so hopefully they will respect the previous installments and not creat any pariods but possibly have old characters from them or mention what the vault deweler and chosen one did

  79. Zac. says:

    Says.. November. 16th, 2010. So far away but so close.

  80. Info 4 Unknown says:

    To comment on unknowns comment above me… XBOX purchased the rights for the DLC thats why it took longer to come out on PSN. It has nothing to do with the servers. Same reason the GTAIV Add-ons and Modern Warfare2 Add-ons come out on XBOX first… They pay for it.

  81. Newt says:

    Don’t Rush a Good Thing. :)

  82. evil karma says:

    i really hope that they sort the clothes and hair out because in fallout 3 when you fall and you have long hair it is basically attached to your head and if your wearing a trench coat it should move as you run…..and to all you n33bs calling it fallout 4….there is no fallout 4…..only fallout : new vegas :D

  83. paddy rufc says:

    Man I can not wait for this game…….

    bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. bluebear3 says:

    i need to say a few things. 1st if u complain about accuracy or breakdown of f3 weapons like mr marine then remember these weapons are suppose to be 200+ years old and not well taken care of. 2nd multiplayer is a cool idea but hard due to the games size. 3rd fallout new vegas will be coming out in november according to gamestop. originally it was to be like 6-14-2010 i think never sooner. 4th vehicles don’t fit the game think of the terrain and watch the fallout new vegas trailer to see why. 5th the moron who mentioned being a ghoul is just stupid. the game idea is fallout 3 just on west coast. 6th fallout 3 save file transferring to new vegas is stupid cause it would be so easy for f3 owners and to difficult if u only had new vegas. too time consuming to make different difficulty settings to please save file transferring. and then u would want lvl 60 cap so u could lvl up on new vegas. plus u would be a perfect character by lvl 35. im fine starting fresh. 7th ps3 f3 freezes on me more when my ps3 gets hotter so i give it a break and it stops. i play at least 4 hrs before it freezes. and last im a ps3 owner so add me if u wish. my callsign is bluebear3

  85. upbeatchris says:

    i love fallout thiss one will destroy and will huge im gunna preorder it this summer cant wait hope there is a lot of add ons and huge map and a vehicheal but idc if there is one haha i just want the game

  86. Vault Dweller says:

    guys the release date is 09/01/2010

  87. Garrett says:

    i am going to sound like a moron for asking this, but, WHAT THE HECK IS THE GOTY VERSION. and why does it have more bugs.

    anyway i am really hoping to be able to play as a ghoul.


  88. Fallout: NEW VEGAS OMG says:

    Guys this is a completley new story, for one there is a few more weapons and a lot more features. You can now customise your gun and add scopes, extended magazines, and more. Also in this new version there will be a faction system, where you have to gain respect etc. There is 1 problem though. It is 3 years after the events of Fallout 3 and has a completley new character which means no exporting your old one from F3. There is also a new feature called the “companion wheel” which makes it much easier to handle your companions.

  89. Bryan says:

    even if they put a motorcycle that would be great. they wont but if they did it would be like wow.

  90. thebadassfalloutfan123 says:

    i can’t wait 4 this game i bet it is gonna be beter than all the falouts put 2gether and even bigger dlc u rock bethesda!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Puddin says:

    Did anyone bother to check OXM edition that had New Vegas articles? I have it but I can’t recall the date. But officaly unoffical: 5/5/10 is most likely to be correct, even as far as the 6/1/10 . Lets keep our hopes up ay?

    FALLOUT 3 is bomb!

  92. Puddin says:

    ^Officialy* Unofficialy*

  93. Anomynous says:

    The game comes out November 16th, 2010.

  94. unknown says:

    If you have any complaints about fallout 3, go get the pc version and mod it. Fixes every complaint I have seen…more weapons, better graphics (mods allow you to quadruple the texture resolutions), vehicles (like a motorcycle), and pretty much anything else you can think of.

    Fallout 1,2, and 3 have all been great games and this should be no different.

  95. kyle warner says:

    fallout ric

  96. ? says:

    I wonder what nightkin is gonna look like and the vaults. there better be no mods for PC.

  97. CW says:

    Obsidian has some of the original creators of the Fallout franchise! Backed by Bethesda this has the potential to be one of the best RPGs of all time. Let’s just hope they get enough time to properly complete it.

  98. gamefall says:

    I heard that new vegas wil come on the 16th of november.
    + there will be gray supermutants weird but cool

  99. dtf306 says:

    to all those dudes sayin theres not a specific date it says right at the top under the youtube vid november 16TH 2010 dugs. read

  100. davey clifford says:

    fallout 3 (the game of the year edition) is the best thing to grace my little 360(on to my 78 hour on it) cant wait for new vagas.

  101. Matthew says:

    honestly cant wait been searching this up for ages found it out about 2 months ago andif u cant waint for this then just wait about a year or two Project v13 (online MMO) A BIT LIKE WoW of fallout cant wait betheseda failed with thier law suits :) >:( for MW2

  102. shusk says:

    this is the new dlc online stuff

  103. V3V says:

    ahh… november 16th? 2010? i have to wait longer!!! but its ok ill be patiente this time

  104. matt says:

    I got GOTY edition for my xbox and pc and i have had no bugs. i hope they make new vegas more origonal.(the fallout 3 is still epic) but i just prefered that origonal feel. e.g. they need to bring in the badass origonal brothorhood of steel from west. not the sissy’s in washington

  105. yeeee says:

    does anybody REALLY know what the actual release date will be?

  106. BETHSOFT_02501 says:


  107. MR TT says:

    Fallout new vegas sucks

  108. MR TT says:

    im having mac & cheese for dinner


  109. scarlette johansson says:

    its october 2010, cuz on gamestop while i was t hinkin of preordering it said ‘all orders ship on october 1st 2010’ so yeah, but it doesn’t mean its gonn abe the next day, probably a week or two later.

  110. BattlefieldJunky says:

    in regards to first comment lol “pasific” you mean specific.

  111. fallout boy says:

    dudes everyone shut up this is a load of crap with the release dates i have had things like 2 march and 24 of september but even i know that it comes out june 20 ok thats my estimation ethier way cant wait :)

  112. im a big wig in a small county. big up the new fudge with extra trashy nails

  113. theno.1falloutfan says:

    i can’t wait 4 fallout new vegas my friends r getting p’d off wiv me going on about it all the time lol

  114. This will be one of the most anticipated games of the year, fallout 3 was amazing, new vegas is using the same engine there is no way this game wont be amazing.

  115. blobb63 on ps3 says:

    just to clear things up. some of you seem to think this game is being made by bethesda but they handed it over to the original fallout makers, black isle studios ( im not sure if they’re called that anymore ). sorry but it was annoying me people saying they hope bethesda does a good job as fallout 3. The good thing is that they are using the same game engine. there will be no vehicles and you cannot upload your fallout 3 stuff. sorry guys

  116. whatup says:

    it’s not made by bethesda, but there are a few people from bethesda working with black isle studios on this game, so it won’t be very different from fallout 3

  117. Tom says:

    Alot of people saying vehicles would be good. I’m not so sure. For me Fallout is all about the atmosphere rather than the actual gameplay. Dont take my comment the wrong way, it is one of my all time favorite games, I just think that driving wouldnt really fit in to the amazing atmosphere the game presents. Also the epic feel of headin out on a mission to discover places you’ve not yet been and of your survival out in the wilds would be stifled if you could just jump in a vehicle to get there quicker, if that makes sense

  118. Falloutjunkie says:

    Fallout new vegas is a bethesda game it says so on there web page. And it was them who unvaled the game at CES in Las Vgeas. I should know I was there. and the street date is Fall 2010 again off the bethesda web site. so if you want to find out anything go there and between you and me at CES they hinted at a surprise release date in Q3.

  119. Vylsith says:

    Honestly, I’m betting that New Vegas will be a lot better than Fallout 3, which is saying a lot because I loved Fallout 3 even though I’m not a huge fan of Oblivion (I did like Morrowind quite a bit). Bethesda did a great job of creating the world and bringing Fallout back. It was one of the most creative series ever, in my opinion, but they did fail in one area. The dialogue. The originals were full of dialogue that was extremely crude, hilarious, and original. Fallout 3 didn’t touch the original in terms of role playing awesomeness.

    Black Isle = Oblivion more or less. They’re the ones who are doing Fallout New Vegas and from what I’ve been reading, it looks to be a mesh of Fallout 3 and the original Fallouts. I think it will be amazing. Definitely buying it the first day.

  120. Anon says:

    The good thing is – Obsidian entertainment! They have imba dialogs!

  121. NWAYella says:

    True, very true, although I believe Bethesda helped with the baby steps, Obsidian (Black Isle Studios) Can live to the challenge. :)

  122. Shadow37 says:

    for everyone interested in an actual Bethesda game, there is a game called Rage coming out on Jan 04 2011, which in my opinion looks like a mix of fallout(post apocalyptia), borderland(the free roam element), and Oblivion(the whole slash and dash concept except with fire arms) which is indeed a Bethesda game

  123. THA CORRECTOR!!!! says:

    YOUR ALL SOOOOO DUMB!!!!! IT SAYS RIGHT UNDER THE SHOW, ”Good news for Fallout 3 fans – this brand new trailer for Fallout: New Vegas has just seen the light of day from Bethesda just before E3 kicks off properly. The game will be available across North America on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!October 19th and Europe a few days later on October 22nd.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not a sequel, but uses the themes of Washington’s setting and take it West side with all the humour, action, post apocalyptic of the original.

  124. Reaver says:

    Whew! You guys post a lot. Did anyone hear about the beta that went on in June? Now that was fun.

  125. Taylor says:

    @ blobb63 I think Obsidian Entertainment is what you’re looking for. New Vegas will still be the producer, they are not, however, developing the game.

  126. Taylor says:

    Er. I meant Bethesda will still be the producer xD

  127. Taylor says:

    This does worry me though… I think Bethesda did a better job at making Fallout 3 than Black Isle/Obsidian could have hoped for(however, I’m not a huge fan of the engine they produced FO3 with. It was made for bows and swords, not guns and lasers, hence the horrible gun mechanics in FO3). The canceled third installment of Fallout that was being produced by Black Isle didn’t look so hot imo…

  128. adfghadh says:

    mmmm pie!

  129. ezio says:

    I enjoyed fallout 3 alot and i hopefully will enjoy this one but every bethesda game freezes on my xbox if i dont play it constanlty? It is all the same (graphics,style,vats) everything. It’s just in new vegas with better weapons. Also sorry to dissapoint but at the end you will die like in fallout 3 but hopefully there will be a download like the one in fallout 3.

  130. XEro says:

    All I can say is that Fo3 was badazz and anyone who says otherwise is not lucky enough to have it and fallout new vegas is coming out soon I don’t think they’ll have drivable cars :-( but the karma feature won’t matter as much and you’ll have more followers and customizable weps just FYI. So don’t get crazy that this is the last fallout just the best so far.
    l l
    I I

  131. Ghunter43 says:

    Buy, heh! Just wait one week after the release date, and the internet will flood with Fallout New Vegas download links… (downloading for sure!)

  132. paul says:

    fallout 3 is one of the best rpg games ever made and it was made in 2008 and they have had 2 years now to think of lots of ideas to make new vegas better then the previous 3 combined, plus its in vegas so its gotta be awsome

  133. Harmony says:

    I love fallout more than any game in the world

  134. Mr Raccoon says:

    Apparentaly you don’t start in vault- a change from the original setting. You’re like a courier and you get shot by raiders- and this guys takes you to his house and heals you… Or something like that- you get to control a F***ing orbital laser in one mission- and there’s like a remote bomb trigger thing XD

  135. I masterbait to this FALLOUT!!!!!!! <3 I love this game hardcore and i wouldnt trade it for the world. Screw the new fallout. No game will love me as much as the last fallout did. Im going to marry the fallout 3 because im not good enough to get an actual girl. So why bother with the comitment.

  136. mr lol man says:

    tnx 4 the help guys i was wundering when it was coming out tnx :)

  137. ryan cavanagh says:

    na dont i love fall out 3 and i dont have online so i wood not get all the achive ments for it just make it 2 player on the campain hi all <(")

  138. i think they should have a variety of vehicles from animals to mechanical vehicles, on fallout 3 there is a mechanical horse advert on one of the loading pages, something similar to that would be pretty cool.

  139. another acception would being able to have better stealth tactics as in fallout 3 you are to easily seen

  140. derp says:

    this game is gonna be so EPIC.

    oh and btw i hope they release everything for PC first.

    fuck xbox and ps3 that sux

  141. 360 does 360's around PS3 says:

    Actually it is being developed by Bethesda, try doing your homework on their official site lol. When I first heard about New Vegas I was like “YEAAAH!!!” But now I’m just quivering for it. One thing that bummed me out was that their using EXACTLY the same graphics and everything…but not every game can be revolutionary for the series. I love that their actually making it more of a Post-Apoc Simulation instead of a Post-Apoc RPG. Hardcore mode will be the only way I play it. I also love that they are totally revamping Weapons, adding upgrades and actually naming them…instead of Chinese Assault Rifle they could of put AK-47 or AK-74…or w/e it was. Already pre-ordered but I think they crapped out on the Collectors Edition.

  142. Arthur says:

    New Vegas sounds awsome I can’t wait. Its supposed to have custom weaponsband ammo and chandler from friends as 1 of the voice actors! :p

  143. htyryd says:

    Fallout new vegas yes 4 games i want is fallout new vegas and call of duty black ops and assassins creed brotherhood and gears of war 3 this fallout game is gonna be good and i hope another alien space ship quest or gun arrives alien guns the best.

  144. Adam says:

    This games gonna be awesome. (Ps3 sucks!)

  145. moodsaidcow says:

    anyone played saints row 2? well if ya have then you’l know about co op mode, and i DEFIANTLY think they should add that into vegas, like somone can join your campaign and do missions with you ,and earn cash then take it back to your campaign :D and all the other stuff, or even better make it so like up to 5 peaple can join you.

  146. Jim says:

    Ocober 21

  147. Graham says:

    this is not bethesda…. its a new game maker, the leader of bethesda has moved his team to work on a secret project…. as of last time, was elderscrolls. lets hope its another one.

  148. Xander.R says:

    man,im gonna buy this game for sure,this is better han Fallout 3,but the game of he year is always better than the orginal games