Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core review

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is a prequel to one of the best-selling and most loved RPGs ever. That game is of course Final Fantasy VII. This one’s set 7 years before where the Shinra company is rapidly growing through its monopoly on Mako energy and its military might. You play a character called Zack, a young 2nd class soldier who wants to become 1st class. During a mission lots of soldier operatives go missing and so you set out on adventure to find out what happened with your mentors Angeal and the very famous Sephiroth along with his groovy middle-parting.

Don’t expect this to play like Final Fantasy VII. Yes there are random encounters but battles are in real-time and you select your next move whilst dodging and blocking attacks.

There’s also the new Digital Mind Wave System – a sort of fruit machine in the top left corner which rotates. If the correct sequence comes up you get power surges and special moves mid-battle which can tip things in your favour.

Looks-wise this is very polished indeed. As well as in-game cut-scenes you get the gorgeous pre-rendered scenes you’d expect and these are a treat to watch in full widescreen on the PSP screen. The game also has a new ‘HARD MODE’ which wasn’t in the Japanese release.

It’s fair to say the game is also as massive as some of the demons you can summon to help you and if you don’t just want to play through the story there are 300 side quests to keep you busy if you want to find some hidden gems to help you become a proper badass.

If you prefer real-time battles opposed to turn-based then this one’s for you. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core gets a very good 8 out of 10.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core review

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