Frontlines Fuel of War review

Frontlines: Fuel of War takes the franchise and moves it into the first-person shooter genre. Think Battlefield on the 360 and you’re close to what you have when you put this game into the beige box and listen to it sound like it’s about to take off. Of course, there’s a reason there’s more than a nod to Battlefield as the guys from DICE who made that, made this too.

The story’s told through the eyes of a reporter and as a soldier in the Western Coalition you’re fighting over the world’s most valuable commodity – fuel. Tell me about it, petrol’s 108p at my BP garage down the road. The action’s set in the now familiar Middle East as you battle the Red Star Coalition on foot, in vehicles and even in the skies.

Single player last about 6-8 hours but unfortunately, like previous battlefield games, it still feels like you’re playing through a series of bot matches in a faux-online mode disguised as a coherent single player campaign. It’s batter than Battlefield single player, but it still doesn’t quite provide that cinematic feel compared with Call of Duty 4 and Ghost Recon.

Of course, why you really want this game is for the frontlines: fuel of war online setup multiplayer mode where up to 50 people can join the same server and fight to capture control points, ultimately pushing their front line forward and pinning back the enemy.

You can select different soldier classes like assault, heavy assault, anti-armour and snipers, and sub-classes too with three levels that can be earned as you play well. You can use EMPs to knock out vehicles or call in air strikes and this, like the perks in Call of Duty 4, gives you an incentive to keep playing.

The remote-control drones are also a lot of fun. Just fire them from safety and fly them into enemy territory and flick a switch to make it explode!

Looks-wise it’s all a bit grey and brown but this is understandable simply due to the amount of stuff going on at once.

If this came out a year ago I would have been blown away but unfortunately, it just lacks that certain something to make it great – and if you want this for the PC, stick with, or get hold of Battlefield 2 as it’s a far more fun multiplayer experience.

Frontlines: Fuel of War gets a good 6 out of 10.

Frontlines Fuel of War review

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    what is fuel of war based on? Is it based on that there is going to be war after the fuel that we have? pleas reply back to me at