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What the world probably doesn’t need now is another FPS. However, they do seem to be popular so now it’s time for THQ to have a bash in 2011 with Homefront. Instead of playing through historic battles, this one gives us a ‘what if’ scenario set in 2027 with a unified Korea invading the United States and reducing it to rubble. Playing as one of the resistance it’s up to you to save the ones you love and fight your corner to make what little difference you can.

I’ve already read a few other reviews of Homefront and I actually think other reviewers are being way too harsh on the game. Sure it looks a little dated for a brand new title, especially after I’ve just played the gorgeous Crysis 2. In fact, the graphics and animations remind me of Half-Life 2 and the AI has a lot to be desired too. Textures load onto objects right in front of you and characters sometimes walk in thin air and slide about. However, there’s something about the situation you’re in that makes what you’re doing seem all the more compelling. As a small team you’re always battling against the odds and there are horrific scenes to watch including parents being shot in front of kids, bodies being bulldozed into mass graves and phosphorus missiles setting a whole platoon on fire. This certainly is the opposite of the Call of Duty “boo-ya, isn’t war fun!” approach.

Combat is what you’d expect – controls are identical to Call of Duty and they’ve even ripped off some of the franchise’s mechanics including slow-motion scenes which require accuracy and a whole airstrike mission. There is one thing that is great fun to play with though and that’s the Goliath. A giant radio-controlled buggy of doom, you can select targets for it to fire at and there’s something very satisfying as it bursts through a wall, drives over a load of cars and blows your enemies into smithereens!

Single player comes in at about 5 hours so it’s a good thing they’ve also gone to town on multiplayer. Based around deatmatches and holding ground, you not only control troops and vehicles but can also use currency from the battle to buy new ordnance including radio-controlled drones with guns on them. It’s a refreshing change and means the battlefield doesn’t get onverloaded with people in vehicles. I don’t think it’s going to rival COD’s online base but it does offer a very good alternative.

If you’re not too fussed with graphics and you want a game that will make you feel some emotion during all the killing then Homefront is definitely worth a look. It’s flawed but certainly not terrible so it gets a good 6 out of 10.

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