More Brain Training review

It’s the sequel to Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training. It’s a simple idea for a game so it has a simple title. It’s called More Brain Training.

Basically, it’s more of the same although these games are very different from the last batch so you’d better be prepared to exercise a whole new load of Neurons to make your brain light up in different ways like when the good Doctor shows you at the start of the game.

So let’s go through the new exercises to see if any of them tickle your fancy. First up there’s one where you must write the symbols next to the numbers as they’re listed. Simple, but sometimes tricky symbols like percent signs and hashes make for the game not recognising your handwriting and penalising you so you’d better learn to write how the DS wants you to if you’re to succeed. There’s also a game where you must subtract the same number until you get to zero again and again. Certainly makes you think.

There’s a game where you must give the correct change as if you’re a very busy shopkeeper and a memory game where you must remember the position of 25 numbers. Probably the trickiest of the lot.

A great musical one is reciting a piece of music on the piano. You see the music sheet on the left and must hit the piano keys accurately and in time to the music to get more bonus points.

Of course, some or all of these games you play in the daily training section are used as one of the three for your daily brain age check. I was regularly hitting the top score of 20 in the last game but have hit a best of 32 so far. Never mind, you’re supposed to get better at this game as you exercise the grey matter so I know I’ll get there in the end.

Again, they’ve included a voice recognition game that tells you to win or lose at rock paper scissors depending on what hand gesture it shows you. I kept having to say scissooooooors instead of scissors to make it understand what I was saying.

Once again this game’s great fun, addictive on a daily basis and will appeal to everyone. So considering that it gets 8 out of 10.

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  1. lacrima says:

    cómo se llaman las canciones que se tocan en piano?, no tengo el juego, pero quiero escuchar las canciones.