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Mystery Case Files is another puzzler from Nintendo that doesn’t just present you with a series of brain teasers and puzzles you can select from a list. It’s already been successful on the PC for a number of years and now being on the DS, this one gives you a variety of puzzles set around the mystery of the disappearance of a wealthy geezer that must be solved by your good self.

You do this by questioning a variety of colourful characters, whilst, for the majority of the time, trying to pick out objects scattered around a cluttered location – be it a garden, a study, a junk shop or an old, dusty attic For example, you may have to find a fish, a horseshoe, a baseball bat, a pair of dice and Jupiter. These will be hidden craftily around as you search with your stylus and pick them out before the generous time limit ends. When you find all the items, all the info is fed into your crime solving computer which gives you a few little nuggets of information about the person’s location you were searching through.

To begin with, you just look for stuff with your naked eye and prod it with the stylus when you find it, but you soon get other tools to help you, including a torch for dark locations and an x-ray scanner which can look through and inside objects.

They even mix things up a bit by making you interact with some objects. You may be given cryptic clues where you may have to draw a line between two objects, spin one around or rub it. This keeps things a bit more varied and they’ve even chucked in a couple of sliding puzzles and jigsaws in there as well to try and keep things fresh.

Unfortunately, I was expecting more from this title – maybe something a little closer to Professor Layton. As I said before, the time limits are far too long and you even get hints which flash the location of where to look if you get stuck.

It’s a good distraction for a couple of hours but it soon gets very samey. You’ll probably get bored before you actually finish it. Mystery Case Files gets an average 5 out of 10.

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