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What do you get when you mix the speed and boosting of Burnout Paradise with a similar terrain to Motorstorm? Well, you get Pure. At its core Pure is an arcade racer where the object of the game is to get to the finish line before everybody else. Of course, just getting from A to B would be a bit dull so there’s the tricking mentality to keep things interesting.

As you approach a bump you need to preload your jump by pulling back on the analogue stick and then flicking it forward at the apex of the jump. This makes you jump higher and lets you get some tricks in before you make your landing – or crash spectacularly if you don’t time things right. Doing tricks is a simple matter of hitting a button and a direction as you fly through the air. As you trick you charge your boost meter and you can either use it to race round the track quicker than your opponents or build it up to do more complicated tricks, score more points and charge your boost meter further.

This game is seriously quick and has a great soundtrack to boot. As you make your way through the stages you can also add new parts to your ATV and if you don’t fancy spending a fair while adding grips, shocks and new wheels you can get one built in an instant with the best parts available. The track design is also fantastic with jumps so high they’ll make your bum go a bit funny and multiple routes to take, so you can try and find shortcuts to get the edge over your opponents.

As well as the career path with its ten stages there’s also single player quick race and multiplayer online where you collect tokens around the track to top up your fuel levels, earn bonus points or special tricks.Pure is purely a fantastic arcade racer. If you’re into high adrenaline action and jumps to make you dizzy then this one’s for you. Pure gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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