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F1 Race Stars

F1 Race Stars release date

Codemasters have announced they’re shaking up the world of Formula 1 with F1 Race Stars. Drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have been transformed into something you’d expect to see nodding from the car in front as they blast round the track at super-charged speed in a game that’s more arcade and less sim. You can put the medal to the metal from November 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Buy F1 Race Stars now New: Buy F1 Race Stars from Amazon.com Related: Formula 1, Arcade Racing

Driver San Francisco

Driver San Francisco review

It’s fair to say that Driver 3 wasn’t very well received a few years ago. Now Ubisoft are publishing the game with Reflections still at the helm on the development side of things and the good news is this game gripped me from start to finish and just got better and better the more I played it. You still play as Detective John Tanner and as arch-criminal Jericho is on his way to jail after he was caught in Driver 3, the escort is attacked and he manages to escape. Unfortunately you also get caught in the carnage and then...

Cars 2 The Video Game

Cars 2 The Video Game review

Cars 2: The Video Game is of course the game to support the Cars 2 movie sequel. It’s made by Disney Pixar so of course you’d expect the film to be of high quality and appeal to children and adults on different levels. This game’s a racer and shooter and in some ways it actually does the same, although will definitely appeal to kids more in the long run. You can actually play as any of the cars that feature in the movie as you train to become a C.H.R.O.M.E. agent and take on dangerous missions. For the purposes of...

DiRT 3

DiRT 3 review

Dirt 3 is of course the third game in the Dirt sub-series of rally games that all started as Colin McRae Rally. Although the game started off as a simulation, slowly it’s moving away from trying to be the real deal and instead is focussing more on fun – something which sits with me just perfectly. The main mode you’ll be playing is the Dirt Tour. Here you work your way through standard rally races, head to heads, rally cross where all the cars compete at once round a tight lap and a more extreme version where you ride about...

MX vs ATV Alive

MX vs ATV Alive review

I’ve already reviewed one game featuring MX and ATV’s this year, it was called Nail’d and I awarded it 7 out of 10. Nail’d was a fun yet over the top racer which concentrated more on stunts and speed boosts, than any sort of simulation. MX vs ATV Alive for Xbox 360 on the other hand is a brand new racer that once again pits the off-road motorcycle and the quadbike against each-other (sort of). Unlike Nail’d, this game doesn’t have any of the Mario Kart special moves or crazy ass tracks – but does that make it a better...

Shift 2 Unleashed

Shift 2 Unleashed review

When I put the Shift 2 disc into my Xbox 360 and drove around a couple of laps to let it judge how much assistance I needed I was expecting it to be a simulation. The good news is that it isn’t a game along the lines of Gran Turismo because I find them terribly dull to play. Instead, you get the feel of realism but also a very visceral experience as you jostle for position with your competitors round some very tough tracks. New to this game from Slightly Mad Studios is the helmet cam which not only puts...