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Cars 2: The Video Game is of course the game to support the Cars 2 movie sequel. It’s made by Disney Pixar so of course you’d expect the film to be of high quality and appeal to children and adults on different levels. This game’s a racer and shooter and in some ways it actually does the same, although will definitely appeal to kids more in the long run.

You can actually play as any of the cars that feature in the movie as you train to become a C.H.R.O.M.E. agent and take on dangerous missions. For the purposes of the game these missions are actually just about driving around the courses and blowing things up but they’re still a lot of fun. The graphics aren’t super detailed but they are bright, animate well and the voices of the characters really bring things to life.

When racing you don’t just drive forward and turbo boost your way to victory. There are also weapons you can pick up in the form of machine guns, rocket launchers and energy weapons and pickups you can drive into to increase your boost meter. You can also barge other cars off the road or perform stunts and flips to further fill your boost meter and give you a greater edge.

There are eight single and multiplayer modes to play through, ranging from straight races to time attack modes and even a racing version of capture the flag called Disruptor Mode. Most of them feel the same but at least the multiplayer modes do add some variety in terms of gameplay and it’s in these that you’ll find the game the most fun.

I’m pleased to say that Cars 2 really is a very good racer that will appeal to adults and kids alike. Personally I prefer something a little more adult in feel such as Blur but if you have children who like the movies or are a big kid yourself, you’ll have a lot of fun with this. Cars 2 gets a very good 7 out of 10.

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