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Anyone who’s played a ‘rhythm’ game recently has probably picked up a guitar or sat at a plastic drum kit and played along to some contemporary songs whilst dreaming of being a rock star.

Rhythm Heaven or Rhythm Paradise as it’s known in the UK takes the same mentality as the WarioWare games with lots of simple mini games based around rhythmic taps and flicks of the stylus where you must complete each cartoony challenge before you must move onto the next stage.

You may be flicking in time with the music to hammer bolts into square pieces of metal, tapping your stylus to make a little man sing in a choir or play table tennis with a blue-headed man. Everything’s very strange and Japanese but if gamers like anything, it’s a combination of what I’ve just mentioned.

And it’s actually quite challenging too. To get perfect scores you really need to have your wits about you and may fail a few times before you get things right. It’s a shame you can’t move onto another game until you’ve finished the one you’re on, but once you’ve played through a few stages you then have to use all the skills and tricks you’ve learned to play through a remix. Succeed here, and you can move onto the next tower and of course try to better your score on any previous mini-game.

The game’s not terribly long and there’s little replay value once you’ve played through each mini game, but it’s a perfect distraction here and there whilst you’re travelling from A to B.

If you’re looking for another WarioWare style game and you have headphones for the bus, then this is worth a look. It gets 7 out of 10.

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