Patapon review

I first heard about Patapon at a Pro Evolution Soccer event when I was talking to a lovely lady called Carly from Sony PR. She said this was the next game on its was and I had to double-take. Patawhat? I said. She said it was hard to explain and now I see why.

Basically it’s a game in the same vein as LocoRoco, although it’s a rhythm-based strategy game. The aim is to command your little tribe of Patapons from left to right, fighting and marching to the shrine at the end. You do this by hammering out tribal chants using the triangle, square, circle and x buttons in groups of four. You can march onward, attack, defend and even perform miracles to make it rain to put out lava so you can cross hot deserts.

As you march your little eyeball-shaped friends across the land you also pick up items that help you build more troops at the tree of life or even gifts for a little fella who plays a trumpet to stop a tree’s head itching so he then gives you something else. Surreal I know but there’s something about this game that makes you want to play on.

Although a simple idea, there is a lot of strategy to this game. Before you go into battle you can select which troops you want and equip them with the correct weapons, shield and armour for the situation they’re going into.

The game also has its own unique style which will appeal to gamers and also non-gamers alike. Just like Loco-Roco, this one will have your partner picking it up and playing it as it’s not your usual fare.

Patapon is simple but at the same time genius, so it gets an excellent 8 out of 10.


Patapon screenshots

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