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LocoRoco’s back and the good news is it’s got just the same charm and simple but fun gameplay as the last one, with a few new ideas chucked in for good measure to mix things up again. The Moja are back, spreading their mucky clouds all over the land so you must roll and bounce around the levels, knocking into the mucky clouds to bash them away and fight the literally dreaded flying clouds with mouths that sing a silly song whenever they’re near.

Once again you hold the left trigger to rotate the world left and the right trigger to rotate right. This rolls your LocoRoco round the land. Press them both to bounce the world and launch him into the air. Tap circle and they separate into lots of small ones, enabling you to enter smaller holes and be bounced, hit and whooshed around each level. As you go from start to finish there are tonnes of collectables. Not only do you eat fruit to make your LocoRoco bigger, you also collect small pink flies which can be used as currency in mini-games and rescue MuiMuis, the little blue men with happy faces. This time there are also the evil red BuiBuis. They fly about in rockets and attack you from above.

Although the last game was fantastic, Sony have looked at what they can make better and they’ve done it with some subtle changes. During scenes when you sing at different creatures, you now interact in fun and cute ways and press buttons in time with their song which makes things a little more interactive.

There are also mini games which you play as part of the game, then pay with the flies you collect to try again and beat your score. Examples of which are a whack-a-mole type of game, a LocoRoco race which you bet on and pinball type games. They’re a welcome distraction and serve to keep things fresh. There’s even a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up at one point!

Although not a terribly long game, there is replay value if you want to go back and beat your times and the amount of things you collect. There’s also loads of pick-ups to adorn your MuiMui house with. If your PSP’s been gathering dust recently, this is definitely a reason to get it back out for your bus journeys. LocoRoco 2 gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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