Score and Shoot review

I did want to tell you about a gaming present I got from my housemate for Christmas – please excuse the heavy dose of sarcasm coming up.

It’s a footy game to rival Pro Evo or Fifa and it’s called Score and Shoot. Now they great thing is you don’t even need a console to play it, it just plugs directly into your telly. What you get in the box is a football shaped pad with a light sensor on it attached to a mat with start and select buttons on it. I particularly like the drawings on the mat of football players and a goal – it really is a work of art. Before you play you even get to play a game where you hunt for AA batteries then get to hunt for a Philips head screwdriver so you can open the compartment and feed it with power.

When you switch it on your brother or sister will regret getting that Wii for Christmas as the graphics and sound are like that brilliant Commodore 64 from back in the day and it can accurately to the millimetre judge exactly where the shadow is below your foot when you take a kick. There’s three games on there, Penalty Shootout, Free Kick and Corners where you kick over the sensor, kick over the sensor and kick over the sensor. I particularly love the goal celebrations and wonderful music that plays when you score.

Of course I’m only mucking about, you are better of with a Wii if you could find one over Christmas, however, we did actually have a little giggle with it and it only cost less than a tenner but it won’t rival Wii Sports. Anyway, if you’re actually interested in it for real, it’s called Shoot ‘n’ Score and you can probably find it in all good pound shops.

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