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FIFA 16 Cover Star result

EA SPORTS have revealed the result of their first ever FIFA 16 Cover Star vote. Thousands of UK and Ireland football fans voted for their favourite football star from a shortlist and the winner was the Liverpool midfielder and captain Jordan Henderson. He’ll be joining Lionel Messi on the cover of the brand new game released in September this year which includes female international football teams for the first time and a host of improvements to ball physics, player movement and controls. Of course, Henderson’s not my favourite football game voer. My favourite has to go, Red Card, where the...


FIFA 14 review

Every year the guys over at EAC deliver us another FIFA game and once again FIFA 14 changes things for the better. Not only have the guys managed to give us a load of new game modes, skill games and a revamped FIFA Ultimate Team, they’ve even changed what happens on the pitch for the better too. If you’re used to FIFA 13, you’re actually going to have a bit of a hard time playing this at first. LT is no longer used for skill moves and is now used to protect the ball, which means that you now have...

FIFA 12 picture

UEFA EURO 2012 FIFA 12 review

Electronic Arts usually come under fire every other year when they release a boxed game that lets you play through the Euros or the World Cup. This time around they’ve sensibly gone for a DLC option you can plug into FIFA 12 which lets you play through the scenarios of the qualifiers and compete online and offline through the actual finals as well. It’s all very well themed – it has the floral designs in the menus, new music and all the 8 official stadiums in there and you can play as any of the teams in the tournament. The...


Subbuteo review

After 60 years since first release Subbuteo is the probably world’s biggest selling soccer game. Yes that’s right, not Fifa or Pro Evo nor the classic Sensible Soccer; it’s Subbuteo that blows them all away. Now fair enough up until now Subbuteo has always been a board game of sort’s but it was only a matter of time it made its way onto our screens. Having been born into the digital generation with video game consoles such as the Atari 2600 (released in 1977) it’s hardly surprising to say that Subbuteo passed me by. Why flick little plastic dudes around...

Table Football

Table Football Wii

If the mini game of table football in the Wii incarnation of Fifa 08 got you all excited then prepare to go crazy for Table Football Wii from 505 Games. Why not grab up to three mates (or strangers off the street) for a few rounds of the legendary game on your Wii without having to get up of the sofa. With official Table Soccer Federation rules (as well as a custom match creator), the ability to create your own teams and of course Wii Motion controls, Table Football for Wii might be worth a look. Related: Fifa 08 Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Score and Shoot review

I did want to tell you about a gaming present I got from my housemate for Christmas – please excuse the heavy dose of sarcasm coming up. It’s a footy game to rival Pro Evo or Fifa and it’s called Score and Shoot. Now they great thing is you don’t even need a console to play it, it just plugs directly into your telly. What you get in the box is a football shaped pad with a light sensor on it attached to a mat with start and select buttons on it. I particularly like the drawings on the mat...