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Every year the guys over at EAC deliver us another FIFA game and once again FIFA 14 changes things for the better. Not only have the guys managed to give us a load of new game modes, skill games and a revamped FIFA Ultimate Team, they’ve even changed what happens on the pitch for the better too.

If you’re used to FIFA 13, you’re actually going to have a bit of a hard time playing this at first. LT is no longer used for skill moves and is now used to protect the ball, which means that you now have to hold sprint in order to knock the ball on. Skill moves are performed using the right stick alone. It works, but this change will throw you at first. Also, more player momentum means that you will end up over-shooting your runs when attacking and defending so it’s best to lay off that right trigger if you love to sprint about all over the place. Try shooting however, and you’ll have a great time. Ball physics has now been modelled so it swerves in the air, creating all kinds of satisfying goals that are a joy to watch. You’ll be watching the replays a lot more as balls go into the back of the net in a variety of new and sometimes bizarre ways!

Career mode is back where you can play as a footballer or a manager and the scouting system is more robust than ever when it comes to looking for new talent around the globe. You can also play co-op seasons as well as standard seasons and single matches in FUT make a welcome return.

There are some problems though which are sure to get fixed with a patch. Animations can sometimes clip and jerk, the game is prone to crashing and tackles which don’t even make contact can sometimes lead to penalties or sendings off!

FIFA 14 truly shakes things up and should make for games that require more build up play instead of open end to end games where players just run at each other. For some, it won’t be a welcome change, but for others who want an authentic experience, the slowed pace and emphasis on tactics is just the fix they need. FIFA 14 gets 9 out of 10.

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