Fifa 09 details

Electronic Arts have let us know some more details about its next instalment of Fifa which is being released on every current system this autumn. They tell us that they are concentrating more on giving unique gameplay experiences to each platform rather than hastily spread out the same version over every console.

EA say that there are over 250 additions to the 360/PS3 version, further enhancing the core gameplay that featured in Fifa 08. With new animation technology which promises smoother and more responsive passing, dribbling and shooting, combined with an update to the physics engine that allows for realistic player momentum and movement especially when you see players jostle for the ball (shirt pulling perhaps?).

Wii owners can expect another unique version of Fifa this year. EA are pushing the casual theme from Fifa 08 even further this time around, not only can we expect Mii like cameos from top footballers such as Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney, players will now be able to use their Mii in the fun sounding new 8vs8 Footii Match game mode. Noobs will be pleased to hear that the easy control mode where the CPU helped you control your team is returning, though of course that is optional, hardcore players can use the traditional Fifa style controls or if you’re feeling adventurous, try the new point and play control which sounds suspiciously like the new control system featured in Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer on the Wii a couple of months back.

Windows PC players can expect a much better looking game this time around; fans were horrified last year when Fifa 08 for the PC used the same graphics engine as the Playstation 2 version. They’re promising us photorealistic faces for footballs star players, but does that mean rubbish players like Peter Crouch won’t be rendered in all his ultra realistic lanky quality? PC owners can also use their mouse to control their squad in greater detail that ever before, probably similar to the Wii version I suspect.

Gamers on the go will be catered for too; PSP and DS users can now experience the exciting Be A Pro mode from Fifa 08. The PSP version will no doubt look closer in graphical detail to the PS2 and the DS will have some moments of exclusive touch screen action.

Fifa 09 details

Fifa 09, Fifa 2009

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