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Worldwide a new football season is just kicking off and Electronic Arts are putting the finishing touches to this year’s Fifa game. Unusually we’ve already had one new FIFA game this year in the shape of Fifa World Cup 2010 which we awarded eight out of ten. Sadly the World Cup only lasted a couple of weeks and is long since over. The football season on the other hand goes on for months hence the urgent need for Fifa Soccer 11.

EA Sports have released a few titbits of information about Fifa 11 for Xbox 360 and PS3 so far, of them we’re most looking forward to:

  • Personality+ brings real life player skill and flair to their digital player equivalents. No more generic moves for every player on the pitch.
  • Pro-Passing supposedly will make passing much more skill based and less automated.
  • Goalie intelligence promises that the Goalkeepers are much more aware of their position this time around and less susceptible to easy chip shots.

The Fifa Soccer 11 release date for American fans is September 28th 2010 and Europeans will have to wait until 1st October 2010 for FIFA 11.

UPDATE: Fifa Soccer 11 is out now and available from the shops – order FIFA 11 now and get your hands on the game first thing tomorrow.

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