SingStar ‘90s review

So I’ve finally got my hands on some SIngStar mics and I haven’t played it since the very first one came out during my time at Gamezville where I dressed up as Justin Hawkins with silly wig, billy-bob teeth and a spangly catsuit that I could only just squeeze into.

Thankfully, those days of dressing up (at least on television) are behind me and now we have the ninth edition of the series, the 90s collection.

Before I go into the track list let me just explain for anyone who hasn’t played or heard of this before. Basically, you get two microphones, the original track plays complete with music video and judges you on your pitch and rhythm. As you read the words, you can see if you’re hitting the notes via a little graph.
Stay in the zone, sing the song and you get a high score. You can also play the game in duet mode against a friend, family or even your dog if you’ve trained it very well.

So, onto the track list and this one’s a bit of a mess to be honest. Because the 90s was a bit of a jumble of styles, that’s what you get here. The Cranberries go head to head with the B-52s, Natalie Imbruglia and Wet Wet Wet. There’s even tracks here from Radiohead, REM and The Cure. Whilst this would all be a disaster if you played them back to cheesy club, it’s an eclectic mix so there’s something for everyone here if you have a party. Play it on your own though or with just a friend and you’ll only probably like a handful of the tracks.

By far the hardest track on here is the Bare Naked Ladies One Week where he talks so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up with his chickety china the Chinese chicken you have a drumstick and your mind starts ticking etc etc.

Although not as focuses as other collections form the past, if you’re a collector, this will add yet more variety to your karaoke collection. For anyone that likes specific genres of music, maybe wait for Rock Ballads to come out in September.

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