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SingStar Dance

SingStar Guitar and SingStar Dance review

In the beginning, there was SingStar. And it was good. But gradually Man became tired of just singing and wanted something new, and so Guitar Hero was created, and it too was good. But eventually Man, being a fickle sort, became tired of either just singing or just playing guitar, and wanted to do them both together, and he wanted to play other instruments too, and so Rock Band was born, and Man was happy. Gradually though, Man realised that there were problems with Rock Band, not with the game itself, but with the fact that it simply cost a...


SingStar ‘90s review

So I’ve finally got my hands on some SIngStar mics and I haven’t played it since the very first one came out during my time at Gamezville where I dressed up as Justin Hawkins with silly wig, billy-bob teeth and a spangly catsuit that I could only just squeeze into. Thankfully, those days of dressing up (at least on television) are behind me and now we have the ninth edition of the series, the 90s collection. Before I go into the track list let me just explain for anyone who hasn’t played or heard of this before. Basically, you get...