Tales of Monkey Island Episode 5 review

I can’t believe we’re finally at the end of Guybrush Threepwood’s latest adventure already. Episode 5 of Tales of Monkey Island is here and I can tell you now Guybrush isn’t in for an easy ride this time around. Before I get into this Tales of Monkey Island review I do want to warn you once again that you will see spoilers for the previous Tales of Monkey Island episodes, so if you’ve not played that yet, it’s time to do so.

Monkey Island Episode 5 Rise of the Pirate God is the finale to what has been a very exciting season in TellTale’s latest episodic adventure. Hopefully as you’ll remember; last month we saw Guybrush mercilessly killed by his arch nemesis Le Chuck in another bid to become the ultimate Voodoo powered pirate. With Guybrush out of the way, who can possibly stop him from taking over the world and stealing Elaine; Guybrush’s gorgeous swashbuckling wife?

It’s not much of a surprise to say that only Guybrush (or Indiana Jones) himself is capable of such a feat and therefore it can’t be a spoiler to say that somehow your job is to return our Mighty Pirate to the land of the living again with the help of Bounty Hunter Morgan and the Voodoo lady. I shan’t tell you much more but once again be prepared to have your brain taxed in another er, brain taxing adventure. Ghosts, zombies treasure, sword fighting, grog and even reincarnation all play a part in this story and once again, it’s all presented hilariously with a cast of new and old characters. This final showdown with Le Chuck will demand all of the skills you’ve learned so far, if you’ve skipped any of the previous episodes then I don’t envy your task in working out many of these logic puzzles.

There really isn’t much more to say; Tales of Monkey Island Episode 5 is a terrific conclusion to a brilliant new take on the original Monkey Island series. If you loved the previous episodes then you should already have this by now; if you’re new to the series and reading this spoiler-filled review then you should really go back and visit my review of Tales of Monkey Island Episode One.

A gorgeous, ingenious chuckle-fest which makes you pine for more as soon as it’s over. I hope TellTale return to the franchise in 2010 and in the future maybe even bring back previous LucasArt’s adventures as well. Another 8 out of 10 me thinks.

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