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Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse

Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse review

The Serpent’s Curse is the 5th game in the Broken Sword series designed and directed by Charles Cecil and made by Revolution Software. I originally tried playing this on the iPad last year but soon got stuck so I gave up. Luckily, here on the consoles it also comes with a handy hint system which gives you a nudge in the right direction and eventually tells you what to do if you push it hard enough. In a game like this it’s very welcome and can save tonnes of time where you’re not doing something that may be obvious but...

Sam and Max Tomb of Sammun Mak

Sam and Max Tomb of Sammun Mak review

I can’t believe it. As soon as I finish reviewing episode one of The Devils Playhouse, episode two arrives – you’d think this was a monthly episodic adventure. Oh wait it is, brilliant. Due to the nature of this episodic series you will undoubtedly find spoilers for the previous episode here, you have been warned! To keep things short I won’t go into depth about Sam and Max yet again because you must already know about them by now right? Listen all you need to know is that you’re in-store for another dose of twisted humour and mind bending puzzles...

Sam and Max in The Devils Playhouse

Sam and Max in The Devils Playhouse review

Furry freelance police they may be but Sam and Max are back with another five episodes of comic mischief and crime solving shenanigans. Let’s not beat around the bush any longer when there is a Sam and Max review just around the corner. I’d have thought if you were here then Sam and Max would need no introduction. However to recap for those not paying attention before, Sam and Max are of course the infamous Dog and Rabbit detective duo that regularly save the world whilst cracking jokes. Fresh from their trip down to hell at the end of Sam...


Machinarium review

I’ll be doing Machinarium a little bit of a disservice right off the bat here but I need to start somewhere. Put simply Machinarium is a point and click adventure/puzzle game for the PC, if you’ve ever played a Lucas Art’s title such as The Secret of Monkey Island then you’ll know the sort I mean. But quite importantly I need to tell you now that Machinarium is more than just another point and clicker; there’s a real unique deepness to be found here in this little-heard of game. Machinarium is the tale of a small little robot trying to...

Broken Sword

Broken Sword for the iPhone

Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch in about a month. If you like old-school point and click adventures and don’t have a PC or DS, then it’s definitely worth getting it from the iTunes store. Related: Tales of Monkey Island review, Ceville review

Tales of Monkey Island Episode 5

Tales of Monkey Island Episode 5 review

I can’t believe we’re finally at the end of Guybrush Threepwood’s latest adventure already. Episode 5 of Tales of Monkey Island is here and I can tell you now Guybrush isn’t in for an easy ride this time around. Before I get into this Tales of Monkey Island review I do want to warn you once again that you will see spoilers for the previous Tales of Monkey Island episodes, so if you’ve not played that yet, it’s time to do so. Monkey Island Episode 5 Rise of the Pirate God is the finale to what has been a very...