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There’s been quite a lot of talk about The Conduit due to the fact that it’s a proper First-Person Shooter for the Wii and looks mighty good too. Well, the good news is that it does look very good but what’s it like to play?

In the game you play as Agent Ford, a man handy with weapons who’s working for an agency to stop a terrorist organisation and a bunch of aliens. Of course, as you play, things aren’t quite as they seem and you uncover a web of intrigue that although very clichéd will still hold your interest.

The main thing that impressed me in the game is the way you can completely customise the controls and even HUD display. Don’t like the button configuration or sensitivity? You can change it until you find something you’re happy with and the result is a very smooth FPS experience as you point the remote at the screen to turn and aim.

There are a variety of pistols, machine guns and alien weapons to use in the game and a nifty device called the All Seeing Eye or ASE for short. This can be used to find nodes to unlock doors, uncover hidden messages that unlock bonuses and cheats and to detect invisible mines.

Apart from that it’s a pretty standard run and gun experience. It’s definitely something new if you only own a Wii and are used to Wii Fit and Wii Sports but if you’ve ever played Half Life 2 etc you’ll be left wanting. The AI of the limited enemies is also questionable at times. Sometimes they duck for cover and try to flank you and other times they just stand there asking to be shot in the face with a high-powered rifle.

So is it worth getting? If you only own a Wii and are chomping at the bit for some FPS action then I recommend it. For everyone else, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before on the more powerful consoles or a PC. The main game will take you about 7 hours to play through and there’s a nifty multiplayer mode in there too to keep you busy for even longer. The Conduit gets a very good 7 out of 10.


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