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Too Human is an action RPG with a fair few ideas thrown into the mix. In a nutshell the game features humans fighting a war against machines, an alternate dimension in cyberspace and Norse Gods running about in human form with technical augmentations to make them badass fighting machines.

You play as the god Baldur and for the majority of the time you’ll be making progress through linear levels where the object of the game is to destroy everything that comes at you. Too Human strategy is hardly there – you’re almost constantly surrounded by waves of metallic creatures and you use the right analogue stick to choose which way to swing your sword and build up your combos. Build them up and you can launch more powerful attacks. The action is quick and slick but handing fighting over to the analogue stick means you can’t control the camera and frequently it second guesses where you want to go and what you want to attack and gets it horribly wrong.

Sometimes it may be the reason you die, but never fear, the game just re-spawns you after a 15 second animation of a Valkyrie coming to take you into the heavens. Unfortunately this doesn’t present any risk factor in the game but you’ll need it as sometimes it’s impossible to stay alive when you’re jumped by about 20 angry robots at once.

Occasionally you’ll also enter a cyberspace woodland through some wells. Here you’ll roll boulders to smash down doors or knock over tress to make bridges which will open up paths in the real world. A bit pointless but the device does help move the story along.

So that’s the action part but what about the role-playing? You can choose one of five classes, some being good at melee attacks, others at shooting, healing (which is a bit pointless when you re-spawn in the game anyway) and of course an all-rounder. You then pick up loads of items during battles which you use to better your armour and weapons. They’ve all got silly names too like the Iron Fist of Striking or the Asbestos Underpants of Obedience. I made that last one up.

This is the first of a trilogy and it does have some interesting moments and ideas. However, it is more action than RPG and other games have done it better. Too Human gets a good 6 out of 10.

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Too Human review

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    Very well written review, *thumbs up*