Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition review

Cats and unicorns seem to be things that the internet were invented for and RedLynx know this which is why in their latest DLC they’ve decided to go completely mental and turn your motocross rider and bike into these two creatures. One rides atop the other brandishing a gun and it’s your job to run through the levels without toppling over as you inevitably crash a lot, instantly restart and eventually get to the end of the level not knowing quite what you just witnessed.

Trials Fusion is already pretty mental but this takes it to a whole new level. You teleport mid-level into new areas which can be quite a jolt but also works weirdly, brake and accelerate over ramps and jumps to work out how to get to the next part of the level and even fight bosses such as robots by jumping on their heads or trying to avoid their swinging arms as they change the level around you.

There’s also a kind of story here as you jump into a catapult and summon three mysterious pixelated cat warriors that appear as ghostly figures – it reminds me of the 70s TV show Monkey but alas, there’s no clouds to ride on – only spaceships as flames shoot out of your unicorn’s nostrils.

It’s not all unicorn riding though – included in this pack are also a few levels in a category called RedLynx vs. AllStars which pits RedLynx’s in-house track editors against the best ones out there in the world. This is more your classic action on a bike which, although is less insane, is actually still more fun as you hear the roar of the engine, see the suspension of the bike working and just get a better feel for when you’re about to topple over as the wheels are much better to predict than the legs of a mythical horse.

The pack also features 130 more objects for the level editor so if you’re into making and sharing your own tracks, now you have more options.

Awesome Level Max isn’t massive but it will keep you entertained for a while if you want to get gold medals on every course and go for the best times compared to your friends. There’s no denying this game series is massive – it’s certainly come a long way from the flash game I played on the PC many moons ago so it gets a revved up 7 out of 10.

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