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Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition review

Cats and unicorns seem to be things that the internet were invented for and RedLynx know this which is why in their latest DLC they’ve decided to go completely mental and turn your motocross rider and bike into these two creatures. One rides atop the other brandishing a gun and it’s your job to run through the levels without toppling over as you inevitably crash a lot, instantly restart and eventually get to the end of the level not knowing quite what you just witnessed. Trials Fusion is already pretty mental but this takes it to a whole new level....

Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution review

I must admit that the original Trials HD game passed me by, however I do remember a simple flash game on the PC which did a similar thing. It’s a simple concept – race your dirt bike from one end of the track to the other and try to cope with the crazy physics involved as your biker tips forwards and backwards and your suspension bends under the impact of a forceful landing. RedLynx’s game has actually set the record for the fastest downloaded XBLA title and it’s easy to see why – it’s incredibly addictive. Every landing and take-off...