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Battlefield 1 review

Battlefield 1 goes right back to its roots this time with a setting in World War 1. That’s right, there are no jet packs, wall jumps or guided missiles here. This one dials things right back to the days when your reload took ages, you had to rely on your aim, and sometimes you’d even take advantage of a four-legged friend to get from A to B and chop your foes down from above. While Battlefield Hardline actually gave us quite a good story-based campaign, Battlefield 1 takes a different approach with War Stories that tell very personal tales from...

Battlefield Hardline screenshot

Battlefield Hardline review

I’m a big Battlefield fan but let’s be honest, there’s never really been a great Battlefield single player campaign. Visceral who have a pedigree of storytelling and character development now have the helm and you know what? I think they may have cracked it. Instead of putting the player in a war scenario, we’re plunge into the murky world of cops and robbers where, as police officer Nick Mendoza, you become embroiled in a drug and turf war on the mean streets of Los Angeles and other far away locations. This is actually one of the first game’s I’ve also...

Battlefield Hardline Live

Battlefield Hardline Live competition

Electronic Arts are giving away £10,000 in an exciting live action experience in Clerkenwell in London. Your mission is to infiltrate a highly guarded enemy base to rescue a VIP and find as much loot as you can. I was lucky enough to have a little preview last week. Check out the video to see if we came out covered in glory or failed miserably like Mr Bean in a chocolate bar advert. To enter, get your crew together and go to www.battlefield.com/hardline/live

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline LIVE event

Battlefield Hardline: LIVE has been announced by EA, a live action experience where you can win £10,000 if you and your team can pull off the heist of a lifetime in London. Players wanting to win a place to lead their crew in Battlefield Hardline: Live can enter now at www.battlefield.com/hardline/live. Those that win the opportunity to take part in Battlefield Hardline: Live against other crews will lead their chosen crew in to a murky world where deceit and destruction are all in a day’s work. Can crews get in, get the goods, then get out without being caught to...

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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters review

Close Quarters is the first piece of Battlefield 3 DLC from DICE that offers something genuinely new for the franchise and it involves combat in smaller arenas with no vehicles and a brand new game mode. It features 4 new maps, 10 new weapons, extra dog tags to equip and new assignments to complete – that is once you pay to activate it after the compulsory 2.8GB update whether you want it or not. Conquest Domination is the mode most people seem to be playing where your squad and team must try to control and hold three flags around the...

Screenshot of Battlefield 3

Game over for Battlefield 3 cheats

It looks like Battlefield 3 makers DICE have decided to enlist the help of, well, just about everyone in their on-going crusade against in-game cheats. In a recent blog post DICE announced that Battlefield cheats can now be reported by anyone – not just DICE employees. If players witness an in-game cheat, they can now report them using Battlelog with cheats apparently facing having their stats wiped and being banned from the game. Buy Battlefield 3 now New: Buy Battlefield 3 from Amazon.com Related: Battlefield 3, Battlefield