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Playstation Dualshock 3

Amazon Black Friday video game deals 2009

Deal hunters pay attention – Amazon have announced their Black Friday sale for 2009 which sees countless video game goodies being snapped up by savvy shoppers across the US. For renewing Xbox Live accounts Amazon are offering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with $20 off a 12-month XBL Gold Card for $59.99. For a limited time only you’ll get 12 months of Xbox LIVE gold for $29.99 when you purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360. If you don’t own a guitar game or want to expand your instrument collection then Amazon has slashed the...

Importing a Nintendo Wii

New Year Wii Accessory Deals

So you purchased a Nintendo Wii for Christmas but the kids soon pointed out that they need an extra accessory to play multiplayer with their friends, chat with their friends long-distance or save money on batteries. We’ve all been there before but this time we’re prepared with some cracking essential New Year Wii Accessory price deals for you. Hurry and check out these discounted Wii accessory prices from Amazon as they end on January 10th 2009. Save 10% on Wii Play game with free Wii Remote Save 10% on an extra Wii Remote Controller Save 10% on an extra Wii...

Discount Playstation 3 Prices

Discount Playstation 3 Prices

If you’re in the US and have a good credit rating then Sony could have the deal of the year for you. Sign up for the Visa Playstation Credit Card and Sony will give you $150 cash rebate if you use your new card to buy a Playstation 3 from an authorized Sony seller before December 31st. This effectively means that you can buy an 80GB PlayStation 3 for under $250 or buy a PS3 160GB for $350. We’ve never seen a PS3 price this low and it really brings the Sony PS3 down to compete with the Nintendo Wii...

Call of Duty

Amazon Black Friday deals – the $100 Xbox 360?

Snap yourself up a bargain this Friday at Amazon for one day only; Amazon.com are having their Black Friday sale featuring some unbelievable savings in their gaming section – great if you are a gamer, even better if you want to get all your Christmas shopping at a fraction of the cost. Game bargains for Friday include:- Call of Duty: World at War – $49.95 (usually $59.99) Fallout 3 – $39.95 (usually $52.99) Heavenly Sword – $19.95 (usually $50.99) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe – $39.95 (usually $69.99) Pure – $29.95 (usually $59.99) Resistance: Fall Of Man – $14.95 (usually...

Sam and Max

Free Sam and Max game

Would you like a free Sam and Max PC game? Sure you would. We discovered when you register for the Telltale newsletter they send you a special download code for Sam & Max 2001: Ice Station Santa (normally $9). The little game is great fun and a neat way to get yourself ready for the upcoming Sam and Max Season Two Collector’s edition. If you’ve already played this game they even allow you to pass the unlock code onto a friend instead. What nice chaps. Related: Online magic school

Nintendo DS picture

Free Nintendo DS games

In another move to get all us DS owners online Nintendo have partnered up with 33 shops all across the UK to give us free online Wi-Fi gaming and a extra content/demo download services via special in-store pods called, Nintendo DS Centres. Simply walk up to the unit and select your desired content, then turn on your DS and transfer the free DS games over and hey presto, it’s done. It sounds rather similar to the Wii Nintendo Channel, but in a shop rather than on your Wii, very handy for those without a Wii or a home internet connection....