Free Nintendo DS games

In another move to get all us DS owners online Nintendo have partnered up with 33 shops all across the UK to give us free online Wi-Fi gaming and a extra content/demo download services via special in-store pods called, Nintendo DS Centres. Simply walk up to the unit and select your desired content, then turn on your DS and transfer the free DS games over and hey presto, it’s done. It sounds rather similar to the Wii Nintendo Channel, but in a shop rather than on your Wii, very handy for those without a Wii or a home internet connection.

Free Nintendo DS demos

Links: Nintendo DS Centre, List of Nintendo DS Centres

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23 Responses

  1. hi ds people
    i would like some free ds games that i could get my hands on but i dont know where to get them.
    it would be very nice if would either get some games for me which i will list but i wont list to many for you.
    or could send me some websites i could go on to get some ds games.
    please can oyu reply to this or send me an email
    thank you
    Natasha Hayward

  2. idil says:

    i love to have free games for free and i don`t know wher to find them

  3. ben hopkins says:

    i want a wii

  4. nicole says:

    i need ds games period

  5. Alice says:

    how do i get new free games of nds?

  6. laura says:

    need a site for free ds games

  7. i really need games i got a ds for christmas with no games please give me some games

  8. Dana says:

    i need ds games but they cost to much

  9. Dana says:

    help me i need ds games right away

  10. Tammi says:

    I am a single mom of 4 and I need to know where I can get some free DS games, or at least majorly discounted.

  11. i just now got my ds on febury 16 on my birthdayi turned 8 n if you guys want free games thers this card for it it hacks games for you you can get over a 100 games on ther but think about it its just a chip for the ds im geting it you hafe to order it from japan it will take a while but its worthit but ask your mom first cause it willl take a long time i dident get mine yet its still mailing from here so think about it

  12. lizzy man says:


  13. Brandi says:

    Hey you guys… I would like some free nintendo DS lite games… when i moved out of my old house, all of my DS games but three of them were stolen. I would preferably like to have Pony friends and The NINTENDOGS back… pleasE!!!!!!

  14. olivea says:

    how do get free ds lite games

  15. go on your internet then download when put the memory card on the computer

  16. kyle says:

    how do i get a free ds

  17. weijun says:

    go to to get games for free but only one per day unless you become a member hope that helped.

  18. usman says:

    hi any 1 interested i can get you any 35 games on 1 cartriage if interested reply to me.

  19. Unique says:

    yes i am interested usman but do i have to give you my address

  20. deanna says:

    my name is deanna im 13 and i have a ds lite…my mom got it for an early christmas present and thats all she is able to afford, i dont have any games to play it with and i could really use some help with free games because we dont have the money to buy any! i really could use the help big time,,,i no you cant believe some people over these internet thingies but this is real and im mom is single with a job but doesnt pay much and all her money goes to bills and me and my sister dont get to ever buy anything except on holidays like christmas and b-days. please help me out with some free ds games please and thank you

  21. tracey says:

    try hkorz for free ds games

  22. I want a free ds lits games.

  23. Desiree says:

    i really love my ds it rocks big time i so need more games i only have 33 of them i need more