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Moon DS

Moon review

Have you ever wondered why the Moon exists? Some people say that the Moon’s gravitational controls the Earth’s tides. Maybe this is true, maybe not, but one thing I can say for sure is you’ll never look at the Moon the same way again after playing Renegade Kid’s latest First Person Shooter for Nintendo DS. Before I go into my review of Moon for DS I’ll ask you a question. How would we respond to a stronger and more intelligent alien species that saw humans as an expendable resource just as we currently do with nearly every other animal species...



An exciting new first person shooter called CORE (or more precisely C.O.R.E.) is heating to DS this winter and well, we’re pretty excited. After the successes of Goldeneye Rogue Agent and Metroid Prime Hunters on the handheld it would only be a matter of time before another developer (in this case, No Way) trying to push the device to its 3D FPS limits. C.O.R.E for DS has a typically cool sci-fi storyline, set after a big meteor crash and reports of spooky radiation poisoning, you control an Elite Marine sent in to uncover the disappearance of the original research team...