An exciting new first person shooter called CORE (or more precisely C.O.R.E.) is heating to DS this winter and well, we’re pretty excited. After the successes of Goldeneye Rogue Agent and Metroid Prime Hunters on the handheld it would only be a matter of time before another developer (in this case, No Way) trying to push the device to its 3D FPS limits.

C.O.R.E for DS has a typically cool sci-fi storyline, set after a big meteor crash and reports of spooky radiation poisoning, you control an Elite Marine sent in to uncover the disappearance of the original research team and the secrets of the meteor itself.

The CORE DS release date is Q4 2008 and the game features:

  • 14 huge non linear levels.
  • 20 different enemies.
  • 8 types of guns, some include zoom and alternative fire.
  • 4 Player Capture the flag, team arena and free for all multiplayer modes.


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6 Responses

  1. piexil says:

    It was realesed apparently, or it will in just a few weeks !!!

  2. This game is cancelled, so don’t be so hyped up.

  3. JT says:

    No its not u idiot… I’m buying it…

  4. jazzer says:

    They keep delaying its release date. There must be something seriously wrong with the game

  5. ryan says:

    i thought it was canceled, it may not be but it seems like they keep delaying it coming out…. there MUST be a problam/but in the game.

  6. Sting says:

    jazzer, moron, there’s nothing wrong with the game. Its already released in Europe, but for some reason not yet in the US.