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E3 2015 Xbox event

Xbox E3 Press Conference

June gloom. It’s part and parcel of coming to E3 a month later than a few years back so at least it meant whilst queuing at the Galen Centre in Downtown LA I didn’t get burned! After swift entry into the venue I was greeted by the usual black and green room. Instead of multiple stages, the usual big Xbox sign on a black stage with a round stage in the centre. What could this be for? Will Usher appear in a plume of smoke to tell games journos to stand up and clap and dance again? Actually no. A...

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 wins best of E3

Like a good dog, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has won E3 best of show. The game sees Nathan Drake back in action and has won best action/adventure game and best console game. Related: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune review, E3

Screenshot of Xbox 360

Microsoft E3 roundup

Just like last year Microsoft took to the E3 stage with all guns blazing without fear from Sony or Nintendo who preferred to wait for 24 hours and see just what Microsoft had been up to since the previous show. Whilst many details were leaked beforehand, Microsoft still had a few surprises up their sleeve and at the end of their conference seemed pretty pleased with themselves and confident that their rivals wouldn’t be able to match their announcements. Things started off a little shakily as the first four games to be revealed were non exclusive titles, surely if you...

Nintendo E3 Roundup

Nintendo E3 Roundup

After last year’s casual outing at E3 where hardcore fans were pushed aside to make room for Wii Fit moms, Nintendo had a lot of work to do to make things up to those who felt let down previously. As usual things had been very quiet right up until their conference so no one really knew for sure what was going to be shown and which audiences Nintendo were going to ponder to. Thankfully right from the start Nintendo’s very own milf mistress Cammie Dunaway took to the stage and announced New Super Mario Bros., a spiritual sequel to the...

God of War 3

Sony E3 highlights

Sony have shown us some new hardware in the form of a new Playstation 3 motion controller which uses Eye Toy technology to let you wield swords, bows or anything else you like in the game world, and their new PSP Go with a sliding screen which flips up to reveal the buttons and the removal of the UMD drive. Game highlights included a demo of God of War 3 with lovely new next-gen graphics and Uncharted 2 which looks even better then the original. Buy God of War 3 now New: Buy God of War 3 from Amazon.com Related:...

Screenshot of Nintendo Wii

Nintendo E3 highlights

Nintendo have announced Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii Fit Plus, Metroid Other M and the Wii Vitality Sensor which senses the user’s pulse and other bodily signals. Order Super Mario Galaxy 2 now New: Order Super Mario Galaxy 2 from Amazon.com Related: Wii Fit review, Super Mario Galaxy review