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EA Sports Active 2

EA Sports Active 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. The boffins at Nintendo managed to upgrade an ordinary set of bathroom scales into an interactive piece of hardware. So after upgrading the scales with extra sensors and Bluetooth; next came the Wii Fit software which brought home exercise and yoga moves to Wii users. To cut a long story short, Wii Fit sold millions of units, millions and millions. So many millions that other publishers jumped on the bandwagon right away to develop their own Wii Fitness titles. Skip ahead to 2010 and EA Sports Active 2.0 is almost here...

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EA Sports Active review

Nintendo’s Wii Fit along with its Balance Board was a very popular piece of software, aiming to be a gym in a box complete with a personal trainer and calendar which would keep track of your targets and hopefully motivate you to stay fit at home. To be honest, my balance board is now gathering dust so now it’s time to see if EA Sports Active can get me jumping up and down in front of my TV again. In the box you get the software, a leg strap which you use to holster your nunchuck during some exercises and...

EA Sports Active

Electronic Arts try to outdo Wii fit with EA Sports Active

Ok imagine you’re a big games studio wanting to dominate the world, you suddenly notice out of the corner of your eye that Nintendo are making millions of dollars by selling a fitness game and peripheral for the Wii. Which of the following would you do? A) Encourage gamers to play Wii Fit to try and perhaps get themselves on track with their overall fitness. B) Jump on the bandwagon by developing your own software and peripheral. If you said A it suggests you are a kind hearted person who tries to do the right thing. If you said B...