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Enemy Territory Quake Wars review

It’s been 6 months since Quake Wars came out on the PC. In essence it was Battlefield with humans fighting Strogg aliens instead of warring factions from around the world – and it wasn’t half bad. Now it’s out on the consoles and since then we’ve had some massive online games come out so does it hold up? Let’s find out in my review of Enemy Territory Quake Wars. This one’s all about the multiplayer. 16 players can compete in squad-based combat. You load out as a special ops, assault, engineer or medic class and work together to complete tasks...

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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

PC owners have had Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars for a few months now but fear not 360 and PS3 fans; id software’s online team multiplayer frag fest is coming to your next gen system very soon. Join the Global Defense Force and protect Earth as best you can from the ugly Strogg invaders using a multitude of weapons and vehicles over highly detailed landscapes. If you get fed up of blasting aliens you can always switch sides and choose to play as the Stroggs, but you wouldn’t want help invade Earth would you? Would you!? QUAKE Wars is a great...