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Fable 3 review

So it’s back to Albion for Fable 3 and a lot has changed since we were last here. A Dickensian style industrial revolution is in full swing. However for all this modernity it’s still acceptable to wander round in a snazzy bearskin wielding a hammer the size of a phone box. Incidentally it’s also acceptable to wander round in full drag or even a chicken costume should you so wish. The world of Fable is certainly a world of contradictions, and that is at the heart of everything it does well and everything it does wrong. Fable 3 is absolutely...

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Fable 3 achievements

Fable 3 is out next month and it has some rather odd Fable 3 achievements for you to earn. Among those listed are ‘Long Distance Relationship’ for marrying another Xbox Live user, ‘Cross-Dimensional conception’ for then having a baby with them and ‘Henry VIII’ for getting married six times, then killing two of your wives. It certainly puts chicken kicking into perspective. Here’s an A to Z Fable 3 achievement list:- Adopt Or Die – Adopt a child. 5 achievement points And So It Begins – Win the support of the Dwellers. 20 achievement points Archmage – Cast all 15...

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Fable 3 release date

As interesting as Fable 2’s fairytale storyline was, the game itself seemed to be lacking that little bit of polish which makes Zelda games so popular. For all the detail, great voice acting and unique gameplay elements we also got loose controls and gold pixie dust that showed you path to every objective making exploring the splendid game world rather pointless. Fable 3 supposedly is bigger and better than before, bringing another great voice cast and boasts much crisper visuals. Supposedly Fable 3 will test your emotions much greater than Fable 2 ever did, we’ll have to wait and see...

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Fable 3

Peter Molyneux has hinted that new downloadable content will be available soon for Fable 2. See The Future will be available in just a couple of weeks and he also stated the new pack indicates where he wants to be taking the game in future. Could this mean Fable 3 is on the cards? Buy Fable 2 now New: Buy Fable 2 from Amazon.com Related: Fable 2 review, Fable 2 announcement

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Fable 2 review

I’ve never played the first Fable game so this review isn’t going to be about comparing the game to the old game. I’ve heard it’s very similar, only with better graphics and a dog, but I can’t judge that so on with the story. The game begins with yourself and your sister wandering around doing tasks for people. You then earn enough coins to buy a magical music box which, when activated, disappears in a puff of smoke. Unfortunately, this gets the attention of an unsavoury character with a big chin called Lucien who promptly shoots your sister and throws...

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Fable 2 announcement

If you’re enjoying Fable 2 then listen up – there’s an exciting announcement about the game due in the next 5 days. I’ve no idea what the Fable news is but I bet it’s got something to do with some juicy downloadable content to make the game even better. Related: Fable II Collectors Edition, Fable II Release Date