Fable 3 release date

As interesting as Fable 2’s fairytale storyline was, the game itself seemed to be lacking that little bit of polish which makes Zelda games so popular. For all the detail, great voice acting and unique gameplay elements we also got loose controls and gold pixie dust that showed you path to every objective making exploring the splendid game world rather pointless.

Fable 3 supposedly is bigger and better than before, bringing another great voice cast and boasts much crisper visuals. Supposedly Fable 3 will test your emotions much greater than Fable 2 ever did, we’ll have to wait and see if Peter Molyneux can keep yet more of his yearly promises. We’ve also recently discovered a list of Fable 3 achievements which highlights some strange and bizarre achievement points available for Xbox Live users. The Fable 3 release date is October 26th 2010.

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Fable 3

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  1. connor says:

    how much will fable 3 coast when it comes out

  2. they should let you pick what breed of dog you want as a companion as in 3 you cant pick your breed and your dog is a “mutt” my pick would be a huskie of some kind