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Fatal Inertia EX review

Fatal Inertia was released last year on the Xbox 360 as a full priced title to mixed responses from gamers and critics. Now it’s here on the PS3 as a downloadable for less money and this time around gamers do get a bit more bang for their buck. It’s a futuristic racing game where you pilot ships that hover close to the ground. You simply have to complete the required number of laps and make sure you pass through the checkpoint gates. Do this before everyone else and you come first. Simple. Of course, to make things a bit more...

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Fatal Inertia EX

An exclusive PS3 demo of futuristic racer Fatal Inertia EX is available on the Playstation network (PSN) today. Structurally it looks similar to Wipeout, you pick your craft and get racing high speed over a number of gorgeous locations, arming yourself with plenty of destructive weapons, but unlike Wipeout with its same looking tracks and let’s face it, dodgy gameplay and weapons mechanics, Fatal Inertia gives you a wide range of different multi route racing environments including rainforests, massive glacier fields, and canyons. Get downloading that demo now and full support for motion controlling gameplay is included via the Sixaxis.

Fatal Inertia EX image

Fatal Inertia review

Here is My my review is Fatal Inertia on the Xbox 360. Now when you first see this game you’ll instantly think it’s ripped off WipeOut. And you’d be right to think that because in essence, it has. But that’s no bad thing as this game is every bit as playable and has some funky new weapons and fun courses to fly about in. So, it’s a racing game and you work your way through a number of race events split over a few rounds where you aim to be top of the tree by the time all the races...