Fatal Inertia review

Here is My my review is Fatal Inertia on the Xbox 360. Now when you first see this game you’ll instantly think it’s ripped off WipeOut. And you’d be right to think that because in essence, it has. But that’s no bad thing as this game is every bit as playable and has some funky new weapons and fun courses to fly about in.

So, it’s a racing game and you work your way through a number of race events split over a few rounds where you aim to be top of the tree by the time all the races are over. You get to pick your ship, with new ones being unlocked as you progress through the game, and you can even decide what time of day you want to race and what the weather’s doing to give yourself an extra challenge.

Once you’re racing, there’s also some weapons to use I haven’t seen before in this genre of combat racing. There’s a rope you can fire out to attach two other racers together which can be fun to watch, and also magnets you can stick to other racers to slow them down and attract them to metal surfaces. You’ve also got the standard missiles and rockets we’ve seen before in WipeOut.

There’s also some great scenery, like desert, tropical paradises and icey levels where you even break under the ice to take a sneaky shortcut underwater.

The tracks are also wider than WipeOut which gives you a bit more creativity in a race but sometimes you can get lost between checkpoints and if you hit the reset button it sometimes dumps you back in a really silly place.

This one’s great fun for anyone who likes combat racing games but is let down by some silly track design and bugs that could have easily been ironed out before it hit the shelves. Still, worth a look and for that reason it gets a good 6 out of 10.

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