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Keep fit with Yogify

Electronic Arts has released a yoga app for iOS called Yogify. Seen as the spiritual successor to the EA Sports Active software, the app if free to download and will teach you the basics and more advanced techniques of yoga where you can do stuff like balance on your head. You’ll be able to buy extra classes as you progress to bag yourself up to 35 hours of content and 275 poses. Best get stretching! Buy Yogify now New: Buy Yogify from Amazon.com

Nike + Kinect Training

Nike + Kinect Training sneak peek

Believe it or not I’m actually into home fitness. Yes I’ve spent time with a gym membership but to be honest I didn’t really achieve any goals due to not really having a planned regime, little feedback from the staff there and being a bit too scared to enter the bit of the gym with the heavy weights because of all the big muscley guys in there who may decide to pick me up and use me as a weight! And so I’ve dabbled with Wii Fit, tried the UFC Kinect game and really only had proper success with the Beachbody...

UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal Trainer review

I’m actually quite into my fitness when I can be bothered. I actually did the whole three months of P90X with Tony Horton and although it was tough, it really got my fit. UFC Personal Trainer claims to be the “ultimate fitness system” but although it does work you, it does fall short of what a good set of DVDs and a wall chart can do for you. Based around the disciplines of UFC, this official product features over 70 MMA and NASM-approved exercises that aim to improve your stamina, strength and endurance. Boot it up, and even doing the...

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Your Shape Fitness Evolved release date

Who’d have thought in 2006 that games consoles would be transformed into fitness equipment? Well only Nintendo it seems but after sales of 23 Million copies of Wii Fit later and now everyone is on the bandwagon. Ubisoft’s Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Xbox 360 uses the brand new Kinect peripheral to bring home fitness to a new physical level, we’ll have to see how well it works without the Wii Balance Board and it’s fundamental ability to weigh the user. The Your Shape Fitness Evolved release date for the Xbox 360 is Winter 2010. Buy Your Shape Fitness Evolved...

EA Sports Active screenshot

EA Sports Active review

Nintendo’s Wii Fit along with its Balance Board was a very popular piece of software, aiming to be a gym in a box complete with a personal trainer and calendar which would keep track of your targets and hopefully motivate you to stay fit at home. To be honest, my balance board is now gathering dust so now it’s time to see if EA Sports Active can get me jumping up and down in front of my TV again. In the box you get the software, a leg strap which you use to holster your nunchuck during some exercises and...

ZombiU screenshot

Excessive gaming linked to skin conditions

Games consoles have been blamed for lots of things but now they’re being blamed for skin diseases. Apparently some gamers can suffer from hidradenitis resulting in red, sore lumps on the palms from sweating too much. All I can say is The Elephant Man must have played a lot of PlayStation.