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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock review

Since Guitar Hero first came out on the PS2 it’s gone through a number of changes. Since Guitar Hero 2 every song now uses all the assets from the original track, drums, bass and vocals all come together for four-player action, they’ve dabbled with guitar duels and battles with famous guitarists such as Slash and of course there is online play and leaderboards for you to try and grind your way to the top of the last by proving you have the best ‘axe’ skills. Warriors of Rock takes a refreshing approach and uses a sort of fantasy role-playing story...

Guitar Hero 5 picture

Guitar Hero 5 review

So Guitar Hero 5 is available in the shops and the good news is this doesn’t feel like just some more songs to jam along to slightly repackaged. It is in fact quite a leap forward for the game both in terms of graphical style and the way the game plays. First of all let’s cover the track list. There are 85 songs on this and as usual, some you’ll know, some you won’t, depending on your musical taste. Queen, Muse, Nirvana and Garbage all appear amongst others and you can even unlock guest characters such as Shirley Manson, Santana...

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 Mii support

Guitar Hero 5 on the Wii is going to support your Miis. So if you’ve made funny versions of Michael Jackson, Hitler or Ed Gean they can now jam along to all your favourite hits. Buy Guitar Hero 5 now New: Buy Guitar Hero 5 from Amazon.com Related: Using the Wii Guitar Hero controller with Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour review

Guitar Hero World Tour screenshot

Guitar Hero World Tour review

I’ll be brief with the history of Guitar Hero. As you may or may not know, Harmonix first made this game, but then swanned off to MTV games to make EA’s Rockband. Meanwhile, Neversoft took over the mantle to make the last game and this one. Of course, Rockband took Guitar Hero and expanded it to include drums and singing. Not one to be beaten, Guitar Hero’s done the same thing with World Tour and what you get is a similar experience with a few new ideas which don’t’ always work as well as they should. So you get a...

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour kit only $69.99

For one day only Amazon have slashed prices for the Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Kit from $99.99 to $69.99 – if you were disappointed to find the Guitar Hero game wouldn’t run with your Rock Band controllers then this is the pack is the solution. The kit includes the wireless guitar, over 85 tracks to jam along to plus the option to download more online. Sadly no discount on the complete $200 band kit, but for less than $70 you’ll get a wireless guitar to strum along with tracks from Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and Motorhead, something that is going...

Guitar Hero On Tour

Guitar Hero On Tour review

It’s true that Guitar Hero is now a mammoth franchise and it’s been successful on every home platform. Now Activision want you to have a go at air guitar by letting you play Guitar Hero On Tour on the move on your DS. At first glance it looks like a cool idea. The game features all the core gameplay from the console version with a peripheral made specifically for the game – a grip that slots into your GBA port on your DS. You hold the DS as if it were a book and use your four fingers to press...