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Killzone 3

Killzone 3 review

The Killzone franchise is an odd one because I never really look forward to playing them, but when I do I find them an enjoyable if brief FPS experience. Set just after the events of Killzone 2, the game mostly revolves around Sevchenko and his pals trying to escape the city after killing Emperor Visari. Whilst Killzone 2 was set completely in the capital city of Pyrrhus, this time there is more variety as you not only fight amongst the rubble and ruins of the city but also sneak around what’s best described as the ‘countryside’ of Helghan, jet-pack about...

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Killzone 2 sales figures

Killzone 2’s been out a week and already it’s Sony’s 4th best-selling game ever. It doesn’t quite beat the PS3 record set by Gran Turismo Prologue but it’s Sony’s first all-formats chart topper since God of War 2 in April 2007. Well done Sony! Related: Killzone 2 review, Killzone 2 Xbox 360 version

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Killzone 2 review

I never played the original Killzone on the PS2 but I heard it wasn’t very well received. I did however play the PSP version and really enjoyed the tactical top-down shooter. It was tough, but satisfying advancing bit by bit to your next objective. Although Killzone 2 looks fantastic, initially I wasn’t too happy with the game until I realised I was playing it in the wrong way. If you attempt to run and gun in this game you’ll die instantly, as the Helghast are all fantastic shots and will take you down quicker than Barack Obama’s trying to take...

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Killzone 2 Xbox 360 version

The PS3 hit title Killzone 2 could be heading to the Microsoft Xbox 360 in similar de-exclusivity deal that saw Final Fantasy XIII move multi platform. Although Xbox 360 could handle Killzone 2’s graphics the actual challenge would be to fit the monster of the game on a DVD. With PlayStation 3 sales lower than expected releasing Killzone 2 on the Xbox 360 will recoup development costs for Guerilla. However as publishers Sony would most likely have a contract signed in blood forbidding that Killzone 2 would see the light of day on the RROD machine. Until Microsoft solve the...

Killzone bundle

Killzone 2 bundle

If you’re looking forward to Killzone 2 but are thinking of buying a PS3 just to play it, you may wish to hold on another month. Sony’s just announced they’ll be bundling the game with the Playstation 3 80GB console for just less than £300. Buy Killzone 2 now New: Buy Killzone 2 from Amazon.com Related: Killzone 2 release date, Sony PS3 New Year deals

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Killzone 2 release date

It looks like Kill Zone 2’s going to be delayed. Killzone 2 release date has been being prepared for February 2009 putting pay to the hope that it may be playable this Autumn. The jury’s out whether it will actually be worth waiting for or not.