Killzone 2 Xbox 360 version

The PS3 hit title Killzone 2 could be heading to the Microsoft Xbox 360 in similar de-exclusivity deal that saw Final Fantasy XIII move multi platform. Although Xbox 360 could handle Killzone 2’s graphics the actual challenge would be to fit the monster of the game on a DVD. With PlayStation 3 sales lower than expected releasing Killzone 2 on the Xbox 360 will recoup development costs for Guerilla. However as publishers Sony would most likely have a contract signed in blood forbidding that Killzone 2 would see the light of day on the RROD machine. Until Microsoft solve the Blu-ray problem Xbox owners may have to settle for a Killzone graphics engine instead, or shell out $299 for the Killzone 2 Xbox 360 hardware mod instead.

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  1. chris says:

    How do you know that it could be done on Xbox 360? because I seriously doubt it.

  2. bandolero says:

    @journalist from final fantasy to killzone2 (tech) speaking there is a big difference.360 is a strong console and has many games and good series like gears1,2, and games that have a lot of graphics like bioshock but many of those games have suffer do to compress into dvd9 and loading daily 360 fanboy keep asking if 360 is capable of such output because in the past we’ve seen 360 get the best cut on cross platform do to developers having problems developing for (cell).the question should be can the 360 handle such effects from what i’ve seen and developers have said the 360 wouldn’t handle killzone2 not just cause of the space or the covering system there are other things guerrilla won’t say to get into to many details. MS needs to my opinion stay on his playground and not to follow sony because in the end they won’t keep up the race is not done so fanboys from either camp enjoy your consoles whether is 360 or ps3 the are many titles that will enjoy and shared

  3. Tom says:

    Impossible, first of all Guerrilla is a first party. So it is impossible that it will come to the 360. FFXIII is going on the 360 since Namco Bandai is not a first party gaming company, plus you are wrong about the 360 could handle the graphic. Get your fact straight, in order for the 360 to handle MGS4 graphic it would take at least 10 DVDs for that to happen and that’s not including the loading screen. Also Final Fantasy vs 13 is coming out on PS3 ONLY!! Why? Namco Bandai clearly state that the graphic is too much for the 360, only the PS3 can make it happen. Not to mention that in order for Microsoft to add a blu ray disc player to the 360, it would be a fortune cause u would have to buy the 360 again. The only solution is for MS to either take a hit and heal over time by dropping the price of the add on. Or make an Xbox 720 or 540 and boost the price up like the first PS3s on the market have.

  4. Lolwut says:


  5. Tony C says:

    where did you come up with this dribble? you didnt have any proof that this game didnt sell well. BTW, Sony didnt only publish this game, they helped fund it as well. Sony sunk a ton of money. So there is NO WAY this game will ever come to a MicroSoft console any time in the future.

  6. cristian says:

    never, kz2 will be and always be a ps3 owned game. sony owns it cause it will be unfair. ps3 cant have halo so why should xbox have killzone

  7. Yahtzee says:

    *sigh* All you ps3 fanboys should get over the fact Blu-ray isnt exactly a massive godlike jump in technology and what the hell do you mean xbox cant handle large enviroments? Sure Ps3 HAs blu ray, graphics-that-take-longer-to-make, is more expensive but doesnt have much of a difference, as much As I enjoy Ps3, I also like xbox, and I agree Killzone 2 could come out on the xbox. And the guy above me saying its ‘unfair’ if xbox gets killzone should curl up in a quiet corner somewhere, becuase xbox only has halo becuase halo combat evolved was an xbox only game from the start, becuase Microsoft owns Bungie. And those twats in the game companies know although making games for ps3 and Xbox is expensive, they make More money from it, and therefore have another reason to bring it out on more consoles. here is a nice diagram of their shared mind:


  8. The Man(PS3) says:

    okay, xbox is at an all time low right now. every time someone says it has a great game selection, they only mention halo or gears…. thats all xbox has to offer. if you want the best games(KZ2 Uncharted uncharted 2 God of War LBP Heavenly Sword Motorstorm Resistance 1 and 2 and more) and the most up to date console, the Playstation 3 is the best bet. killzone 2 cant and wont work on the xbox even if they try to. it will be completely different and so it wont be the same game. xbox fanboys need to give up

  9. Hayden Klabunde says:

    Ok first off you got to know that it’s been none for some time now that Sony is going done the drain so they might want to partner with Microsoft.
    Oh ya the 360 does have the hardware power.

  10. name says:

    hayden sony isnt going down the drain they sell gaming consoles tvs computers basicly everything there worth alot of money i have friends who own the 360 and for some reason there so aggressive with there system always saying its better the 360 is older and wiser the ps3 there not many updates or whatever to make it better the ps3 is younger than the 360 and its still gots time to grow you all can brag when microsoft brings out a new system even though ps3 will bring out again will bring a better system and you all can live in denial just stay in the dark for the rest of your life but 360 does have better online play like i said there agressive so they take there game seriosly so its really fun to play online or maybe its just they got more players cause the have more good players than the ps3 but the got more bad players too but this is the end of my really long comment thank you and have a good night

  11. bofuopwh says:

    killzone 2 is deved buy a company that sony owns all rights too ….and killzone cant fit on 360 … fantasy 13 is maid buy independint company that nor sony or microsoft own any rights to

  12. zickzack says:

    e capullos

  13. leon says:

    Wow, I am so tired of all these ps3 fanboys, they are just so stupid, i feel sorry for them. First of all, the 360 could handle the game really well. If you actually knew about the consoles, you would know that the 360 has more memory in its gpu (graphics processing unit)also its faster, and so can have better graphics than the ps3. Also, the 360 at least has cache memory to load games without installing them, and also has the option to install the games if wanted to, unlike the ps3. Oh, and dont forget that the ps3’s cell processor was made by the same people who made the xenon processor for the 360, and actually how the 360’s processor is made it can be used in more different tasks than the ps3 faster, because the cell processor focuses on bandwidth over latency. So, all you ignorant ps3 fanboys get your facts straight.

  14. ten says:

    all of you people are idiots point blank , number one Guerrila is bought by sony and there first party, you will never see killzone 2 on the 360 because the 360 CANNOT HANDLE IT y? because the ps3 has the cell and the engine is developed to take advantage of the spu’s it has and killzone 2 is only using 40-60 % of cpu load… not only that its on a 50 gb bluray disc… the engine uses advanced real time rendering even when it comes to smoke … it smashes gears and halo …

    you can also note how the cry engine is doing for consoles , when u compare the ps3 cry engine and the 360 cry engine … the ps3 outperforms it not only because of the spus , but because of the cell and the 256xdr ram going at 3.2 ghz that the ps3 has along with its other 256 intergraded ram… and the bluray ofcourse


  15. poseidon says:

    360 = state of the art GPU with 10 mb. of embedded ram, flexi SHARED RAM!!
    nice tripple core IBM at 3.2 Ghz.

    BOTTLENECK = media reading capacity DVD (still for now but not in the years to come with bigger and complex games rule!)

    ps3 = state of the art CPU, outdated GPU with not such a good memory
    (divided), uses BLUE RAY MEDIA DISC! (the future my gamedogzz!!!)

    BOTTLENECK = Not so good GPU and memory

    To conclude, truth is both systems are state of the art, obviuosly the 360 can oucast k2 graphics and even more outstanding with it’s great GPU and shared memory but lacks the SPACE TO HOLD IN IT’S MEDIA DISC DVD!! unless it uses many.

    On the other hand, the ps3 with its state of the art cell CPU, not so good GPU and differente memory but the huge advantage of blue ray !! can outcast such games like k2 and even better, the key is blue ray man !! can store massive data, simply future proven … that MS CAN’T COMPETE!!

    So there u havet on one hand 360 is a monster of a machine better components (in my opinion GPU, memory, video bandwith, nice triple core cpu) and easier to program with the best graphics yet to be seen BUT LACKS THE SPACE FOR THE FUTURE BIGGER GAMES, the ps3 on the other hand has the KEY OF THE FUTURE with it’s blue ray with no PROBLEMS of data space and will be capable of handling incredible games in the future once they drop the price and programmers catch up taming taming the cell programming

  16. meat_loaf944 says:

    That game CANNOT run on the xbox, it’s impossible:

    “Guerrilla managing director Merman Hulst said he couldn’t imagine Killzone 2 being possible on any system other than PS3.”

    So I guess this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is just blowing smoke up everyone’s ass for fun? Whatever, The PS3 is a superior console. Killzone 2 was the first game that was developed specifically for the PS3 that truely showcased what the PS3 was capable of. Therefore, the game cannot run on the XBOX360, not only because it doesn’t have blue ray capabilities but it also lacks the CPU/GPU power.

  17. scorp says:

    Hey The Man(PS3) Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Resistance 1 and 2 are mediocre games at best, uncharted2 and god of war have not been released, the only quality exclusives are Killzone2 and Mgs4 and Uncharted so please stop inflating Ps3 exclusives with mediocre games or games that are not yet available. Remember 360’s has Halo odst, splinter cell conviction, Halo reach, Mass Effect2, left 4 dead 2, Mechwarrior 5 and of course, Gears of War3 coming soon. So please spare us the bull*****.

  18. Andrew says:

    Yes Sony relizes that there over priced system is going down the drain. That’s why there already trying to come out with a new system. And guess wich console it is identical to? The 360. And WTF is so great about a blu ray player? I have one and it’s no better than my 360s 1080p graphics so why are you psfag boys bragging bout it?

  19. mahmoud says:

    ps3 doesnt have HD like 360 does if u have ps3 u have to have a good t.v so the graphics would be good

  20. mahmoud says:

    360 doesnt need a good t.v what ever tv u have the graphics are the best

  21. abner says:

    oh shut up you mediocre 360 fanboisss.. most of your claimed 360 “EXCLUSIVES” can even be played on PC and you’re all proud to say and brag those as 360 exclusives! GEARS and HALO are both available on PC!

    all 360 fanboisss always brag about HALO and GEARS so go and suck them both :p

  22. selby says:

    i had the first game for the ps2 and it was realy good, i just wish it wasn’t a ps3 exclusive :( i can’t aford one :P

  23. Vhhs2011 says:

    How about all you guys stop screwing around and buy both. Stop making retarded arguments over the Internet and get a job. Also ps3 has the superior processing power,accept that. Xbox has more live players, 70% are noobs sadly. P.s people who point out grammatical errors on blog sites are so annoying.

  24. lol dudeman says:

    your a big fat lier. sony own the franchise KILLZONE and even GG. read the back of the game case if you own the game or even a ps3, and they got their money back from sales. it wont go on 360 because it cant handle it

  25. kirbstomp2 says:

    Ps3 graphics suck I have both systems and am really let down by sony

  26. Whether the game could be done on the 360 or not I don’t really care as I have both consoles, but all you guys who claim that the 360 can’t handle the graphics because it doesn’t have a blu-ray drive are total idiots.

    Blu-ray is a storage option. Graphics are defined by the processing power of the hardware. A storage option has zero effect on the processing power of the hardware, which is instead defined mainly by the CPU, GPU and RAM, and the only thing that a storage option defines is how much data you fit onto a single disk. Neither console loads the entire disk into memory anyway so this is irrelevant.

    Since I believe this will be beyond the understanding of some of you, think of it like this: the number of pages in a book has no effect on how many words someone can read every minute.

  27. Piemaster1337 says:

    p.s killzone 2 is playable on xbox 360 if they tried for it. all they need to do is either take out extremely unimportant items, like a few campaign parts or something, then bang, they have just enough space for the xbox 360

    p.s.s also, if they thought it through, they could take a few “modes” out and add them in an update that places them back on the game therefor clearing space on the disk

    p.s.s.s blue ray isnt all-powerful =.= just get a god dang 1080p compatible t.v and an hdmi cord for the 360 and bam, just as good/better graphics

    p.s.s.s.s if killzone 2 was on xbox 360, sales would soar

    p.s.s.s.s.s call of faggots modern fagware 2 isn’t even good =.=

  28. Joshsf says:

    I want Killzone 2 for Xbox360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS I play garrys mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. EssEmm says:

    Xbox and Ps3 all have their up and down sides how ever to think that a xbox would be unable to handle this game is obsurd and relys on false information

    The reason that alot of games are available on the PC is because Microsoft make both systems and this is why Xbox will always be better now and in the future i would rather own a machine made by the gods of modern technology than a company that makes tv’s and blue ray players that will die out like the mini disc

    I still hope one day all gaming consoles are online compatible or all the companys merge there gaming departments. it will never come

  30. ps3 says:

    Xbox 360 fan boys….GET OVER IT!!! If the company say’s it’s only possible on ps3, except it and go play your stale halo reach. All this bickering over which system is better…Please!!! Ps3 has it’s advantages just like Xbox 360 has it’s own advantages. No point in trying to persuade each other which system is better, because frankly…ya’ll don’t care what each other has to say. This arguing is getting no where and never will get anywhere, so shut up and just be glad with the system you got! Developers don’t care which system is better, because more consoles means more money! Here’s an example-Developers of the Crysis say Crysis 2 performs better on the ps3 than on the Xbox 360, but that didn’t stop them from performing the demo presentation on the Xbox 360! If they don’t care…neither should you!

  31. xbox360 says:

    i agree with ps3 because we jut cant come to an agreement so lets just forget it what they should do is set up a link between the x box360 and the ps3 for the multiplayer games sso we can all play in harmony…