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Screenshot of Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead prequel

Check out this 8-bit version of Left 4 Dead. Thanks to a guy called Eric Ruth the game’s received an 8-bit remake as it would appear on the NES. Game developers Valve think it’s great and maybe we’ll see more of these retro remakes in the future. Related: Left 4 Dead review, Left 4 Dead 2 review

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 review

Gamers kicked up a bit of a stink when they heard about Left For Dead 2 because lots of people thought it should just be an expansion of the original Left 4 Dead and not a full-blown title available at full price. Well, after playing it I’d say it’s worthy of being called a full sequel as it delivers lots more action and a fair few new ideas as well. Playing as four new survivors, once again you must escape the infected by shooting your way through them to safety. Now part of your arsenal is melee weapons. These range...

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Left 4 Dead review

Zombies, whether the slow shuffling type or the new crazy sprinting ones will always get you in the end, but now’s your chance to prove them wrong by surviving an onslaught of the 28 Days Later and Dead Set type by working as a team of four in Left 4 Dead. Created by Valve, the same guys that brought us Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Portal, the game uses the Source engine to deliver hordes of fresh infected meat to shoot at as you make your way from A to B without becoming DOA. The fresh thing about Left 4 Dead is...

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is an online multiplayer cooperative Zombie action/shooter for the non faint hearted. If you pre-ordered the game then you’ll already have had early access to the demo but those of us who didn’t want to slap our money down in advance have had to wait until now. Xbox 360 owners should be able to find the demo on Xbox Live and PC users can download the Left 4 Dead PC demo via Steam now. Keep an eye on Gamesweasel for our Left 4 Dead review. Related: download the Left 4 Dead PC demo, Dead Rising for the...