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Gamers kicked up a bit of a stink when they heard about Left For Dead 2 because lots of people thought it should just be an expansion of the original Left 4 Dead and not a full-blown title available at full price. Well, after playing it I’d say it’s worthy of being called a full sequel as it delivers lots more action and a fair few new ideas as well.

Playing as four new survivors, once again you must escape the infected by shooting your way through them to safety. Now part of your arsenal is melee weapons. These range from katanas and cricket bats to chainsaws and even frying pans and guitars. At least now when you run out of ammo you’ll have fun wading through the zombies at close quarters as you bonk them on the head. Also now available are laser sights and incendiary ammo for your big guns and boomer bile which, when thrown, attracts the horde to one area. When it comes to looking after your party there are now adrenaline shots available and a defibrillator for reviving dead teammates. It’s also a nice touch that you don’t always just wait to be rescued at the end of each chapter. Now you have to make your way across a bridge to the helicopter or fill the gas tank of a car in a shopping mall whilst fending off the horde.

There are new special infected to deal with and play as too. There’s an ugly woman called the Spitter who spits acid at you, a crazy one called the Jockey that rides you into danger and a battering ram of a beast called the Charger to go with the ones from the last game.

When it comes to multiplayer you’ve got the campaign mode, realism mode which removes and glows around pickups and other helpful info, survival mode and a new mode called scavenge which is probably the most fun of the lot.

As the survivors you must get up to 16 fuel tanks to the engine in order to escape and as the infected you have to stop them. This mode is really great fun and this teamwork combined with the competitive edge of playing against real people makes it lots of fun and very addictive.

Once again, playing solo in campaign mode is a little too easy thanks to the AI being ultra efficient but you can always ramp up the difficulty if you really feel like being punished.

Basically, like most sequels, this one’s more of the same with some added touches. I also love the way you can drop in or out of the game at any point to take a break and the AI will just take over until you’re ready to control your survivor again.

Apart from the new multiplayer modes and different survivors and locations, just don’t expect a very different game to before. Left 4 Dead 2 gets an excellent 8 out of 10.


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