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Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshot

Star Wars The Old Republic cheats

Star Wars: The Old Republic is pleasing fans online at the moment who are into that whole MMO thing with over 800,000 people creating their versions of Sith Warriors and Jedi Knights. BioWare have just released a patch which fixes some gameplay issues including a fix to the cover mechanic and the Sith Corruption Toggle and also one that stops the Bounty Hunter class story being completed in certain circumstances. They’re still to fix an exploit though where people can dance their way to victory by using the getdown emote to interrupt enemy and boss attacks. I’ve heard of killer...

Jumpgate Evolution screenshot

Jumpgate Evolution Beta

Codemasters have opened their new website for the upcoming (and gorgeous looking) space MMOG Jumpgate Evolution for the PC. Not only is there a whole host of new information about the game but an opening to sign up to some beta testing. If you were into Elite back in the old days of gaming on the BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum or you just happen to like huge multiplayer online space battles and galaxy exploring then is a great opportunity to get a sneak peak. Link: Jumpgate Evolution

Ravenwood School of Magical Arts screenshot

Online magic school

If you had the choice would you rather send your kids to Regular Comprehensive or Hogwarts? Harry Potter school of course!! Who apart from Lisa Simpson wants to go to some common every day nit infested school learning algebra and modern languages when you could ride on a steam train to a ruddy great castle and be taught magic by Alan Rickman? So this summer break, instead of letting your kids run amok on the streets boozed with cider and carrying knives why not send them to Wizard101 where they can become a Wizard’s apprentice at the Ravenwood School of...

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft vs Playstation Home

Sony are claiming their new Playstation Home MMO could rival World of Warcraft. Sony Online president John Smedley thinks that having many gamers with the same hardware and a solid userbase could make for a mammoth game that could outstrip the tens of millions of gamers currently playing in the WoW on their PCs.